clover planted with brassicas.


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Anybody ever plant clover with brassicas? My cousin was wanting to know if he planted clover mixed with brassicas this spring would it come up next spring or get crowded out by the brassicas? It's in north central mn. Thanks.
I've planted clover, rye and brassicas together in July and they all grew fine together. Can't plant turnips to thick though. Not sure if a spring planting would be the best idea.
Did your clover come in the next spring very well? He was wanting a early greening plot for spring food.
Clover comes in good but it will be a bit patchy due to where brassicas shaded it. I usually frost seed more clover or else add other annuals to create a summer mix.
Spring planted clover with brassicas is bad. Fall planted clover with brassicas is ok. They do 10 times better separate.
One reason I mix clover or rye with turnips/radishes for the fall is to generate interest in the turnips. I have yet to see deer actively feeding on my turnips and I've been planting them for several years. I just can't give up on them but I probably should have. I feel they put a lot back in the soil once they rot and they have other advantages for breaking up hard pan.
If your deer are hungry enough they will eat the turnips. Once you get them past that speed bump, you are usually good to go. Having deer not love your turnips is generally a good thing. Nothing like deer eating them all when they are 3 inches tall!!! I would prefer my deer not touch them til late October at the earliest. In my opinion...they are best used when the deer eat them when there is snow on the ground. Too many other good things for them to eat before that.
Did your clover come in the next spring very well? He was wanting a early greening plot for spring food.
I hunt on a friends place that planted Whitetail Institute Double Cross ( ya I know its a BOB) 2 years ago as a fall planting and it came back the next spring very nicely and green. That was a clover and brassica mix. Located in west central MN.
I'm curious on how early groundhog radishes can be planted? Should I wait till July ??
I've always planted GH Radish when I planted my brasica. Never considered planting them any earlier. They get pretty big with a July planting.

I am planning to move my brasica planting mix up to late June or July 1 this year. Try to get a good rainfall and roots established / canopy before the dry times come.
I did one of my big plots last year with PTT, GHR, and crimson clover. I let the clover grow till it was about past full bloom and tilled it under friday. It got shaded out a bit by the brassica in the fall but you could tell it was there, and once spring hit the clover took off. It was by no means a full stand but it was there. Would I do it again? sure would, will be planting the same mix with the addition of some yellow mangels as well.