Closing Day Gobbler

Natty Bumppo

5 year old buck +
Today was the last day of the Mass. spring turkey season. These days it's not about me anymore. I really live to hunt turkeys with my 13 year old, and unless he's available to go out with me, I don't go out. Well, we had a slow season...not too many turkeys on the land. He's been busy with travel and club soccer every weekend. Today was the same...he had a late night last night...he's got a big game later this morning...he wanted to sleep in.

At sunrise I heard a few birds gobbling from my back deck out on the back 40....a rare event. So, I decided to go out by myself and ended up calling in two 2 year old birds...shot the first one doing all the gobbling. Pretty typical bird for around here...2 year old with 3/4" spurs, 8" beard, maybe 18 lbs. on a good day. Had to go left handed to make the shot.

Glad to have a bird on the ground. But it's just not the same thrill anymore as when I hunt with my son.