Claw marks?


5 year old buck +
Last Saturday my wife found these claw marks near our pond - what do you think made them? They were about 12 ft. from a trail camera, but no photo's other than deer.

No doubt in my mind......BIGFOOT! (Or possibly grouse? )
Heron or something similar?
No doubt in my mind......BIGFOOT! (Or possibly grouse? )
Can't be bigfoot. I think it was Sandbur who last spotted him over by SW Cass or Ottertail county. I think he's hanging out somewhere between Park Rapids to Grand Rapids. It's another reason our deer numbers are down.
I'm thinking it's not a coon either. The two scratches on the left are parallel and equal length with a decent spacing between them. I'm guessing that's a birds foot, and a good size one at that, but I'm not sure what variety.
Maybe it's a big bird? I haven't seen any identifiable bird prints in the pond bank, but I do have minnows in the pond. Added more Fatheads last Saturday. Thanks for your thoughts!