5 year old buck +
Anyone tried it in their habitat? I did some reading on it tonight. Sounds like it may be a good addition to the soft mast arsenal. A quick google search brought up some info that lead me to believe it could be grown free of any cages or tubes given that it is low on the preference list for deer as a woody browse.

NCR has them in plugs according to their website. I may try 50 of them to line the food plot area next spring if nobody talks me out of it.
I have some planted. Good survival, not a bad shrub
I planted some last year also hoping not to cage them. I found that my deer do browse them but not to the point that the plant dies. It will be a couple years before I know much it holds them back, I did cage a couple :).
With cage

Without cage
Yep, great shrub at my place and a preferred browse. I have the Mckinnsey Black Chokeberry from Lincoln oaks and they are heavily browsed on my place. I added 25 more this year and have plans to add a large thicket with some of them in the next few years. Most of mine are planted on dry ground and have done well but I understand they do well on moist areas. I would rank them equal to American Plum. You will need to protect them for a few years but they do grow fairly fast.
I've got an area I planted a dozen bur oaks and I really spaced them out. I'm thinking about planting the areas in between all those bur oaks with chokeberry. I think it'd be a good way to use up the space in between without creating a shade threat to the oaks.