Cheapest place for pellet lime in Wisconsin



Where do you guys know of the cheapest supply of pellet lime in Wisconsin? Farm and Fleet has 40 lbs bags for $3.89 but I would have to drive 1 hour one way to get it. I tried the Fleet Farm pellet lime last year and it was too dusty for my liking.
Menard's pell lime when on sale is pretty tough to beat for price. Problem is, most of the time when I see it on sale is in the spring

Looks like $3.99 for 40 lbs. Not bad. At least it is available close to me. I called around to the coops and they are more expensive.
Might be worth watching the sales flyers for a few weeks if you aren't short on time. I've seen it as low as $2.99 for 40 lbs

I will. Hoping to lime on July 19 to get worked in before I plant for fall in Aug.
Seems Menards has 11% off sale quite regularly.
Just found TSC has it for $3.69 for 40 lbs. Getting better!
Check the Walmart in Antigo, it has been a few years but I got it cheap there. As Stu said the spring sale at menards was always the cheapest in Antigo area.