carbon powder (scent illimination)?

Big G-2

5 year old buck +
I've been reading a lot on the subject, & a lot of guys are having luck dipping their camo in totes mixed with water & carbon powder. Have any of you guys tried this method yet, & could you tell if it has helped you be a little more scent free?

I'm thinking about trying it this year, it doesn't seem expensive to do, so all I'm out, is my time....

haven't heard of no i haven't tried. does it give the clothing a darker color because of the the old school carbon spray used to do? I'm guessing no reactivation with heat required...just reapply as needed? I do all of the "typical" scent free/elimination routines but still strictly adhere to the wind! I don't care what the commercials say...all of the products do not work 100% of the time....but hunting the right wind does.
I agree, the wind is huge, but with me, I hunt a lot of hill country, and it's sometimes tough with all the switching winds....
Yes, it can darken up your clothing a little bit.... I guess most guys will hunt 5 or6 times, before soaking it again... Marc Anthony does it with his ground hunting and ghillie suits....
Yes, I have used it, Just mixed 1 oz. in a 1 gallon sprayer, sprayed down all clothing and equipment,do not know if it works, only saw 1 deer archery hunting. Sure beats the cost of scentblocker.
Wear an undergarment unless you like black skin. Carbon Synergy was a sponsor of mine last year and I found out the hard
I only sprayed the outside of everything.