Ben Davis and Arkansas Black apples

Lee hall

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I just recently planted a black ben Davis Apple and an Arkansas black apple in South Georgia. I know I am taking a risk and have mostly stuck to crabs, persimmon, and pears. I just had to try a couple though and read that the ben Davis apples were the apples of the south and that Arkansas black was suitable for the south. I just wanted some feed back from anyone who has tried these. Drop time, hardiness, disease resistance or anything really.
Thanks for the information. That's a great resource. I have planted transcendence crab, dolgo crab, Calloway crab and 10-15 varieties of pear but I would really like to produce apples, even if only a few, but I haven't heard good things around here. Crabs do well as do pears and both Asian and American persimmon but the thought of a standard apple tree haunts me.
What kind would any of you suggest for the coastal plains of South Georgia?
I would definitely email David at Century Farm. He has always been helpful in offering suggestions on apple varieties.

Tom Brown at would also be someone to contact regarding southern apples.

Check out the wildlife group. They have very good descriptions on many southern apple varieties. Only thing I'm not real wild about is they are all on m106 roots. I would see what varieties you want then put in an order with turkey creek on your preferred rootstock which seems to be B118 for must us land managers