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5 year old buck +
Just looked thru a small photo album from "Back in the Day"......mostly the 70's. Thought we should share a few pics from hunts in time gone by.

We used to take our better customers on pheasant trips to So Dakota.....and would arrange with a local preserve to hunt his land. Birds were really plentiful....but some of our customers could not shoot very well. We'd back them up with some of us that had done some shooting......and would shoot right after them. Then we would exclaim "good shot" and put another bird in our I think I shot as many as 70 birds in a day at one point. Everyone of our customers wanted to take home a dozen. And so it was. This is a crew from Marvin Windows.....and a few others. I think our record day for birds was about 200.

Got some good ones from the past?

When I really got into rifle shooting, I was kinda addicted to shooting Prairie Dogs and later Fox hunting. I'd set out on my snowmobile in southern MN farmland....then snow shoe to a likely spot and call the foxes. Got pretty good at it after a time.....and moved onto coyotes in northern MN for a bit too. Lotsa fun calling fur.....and shooting dogs to long ranges.
This must have been in the late 80's and was in Northern Minnesota. I doubt this buck ever seen a food plot or a farm field. We used to hunt swampy / timbered land in remote areas......trying to lose other public land hunters. The wind had changed so I had to get turned around into the wind. Shot this guy while sitting backwards (facing toward the tree trunk) on my ladder stand....about 12:30 PM while eating my sandwich. Payed to stay on stand that day.

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Let's see more foggy.
Let's see more foggy.
All for now......let's see some other peoples pics from back in the day. One thing....we did not have good cameras....and seldom took many pics from those times. We'd use a snap shot camera and didn't burn up much film for such things. I got more to come. Some are kinda funny.
I did load one other.....and this is from an antelope hunt in about 2000 with John Burns (Best of the West) and Walt Berger and a few other notable folks. I shot a pretty nice antelope on this trip and they made a TV show on it and some others doing "ranch hunts" in Wyoming. (they mostly did "wilderness" hunts for TV. Here is John Burns and myself with my goat. My telescoping shooting sticks were a pretty new thing at that I wanted / needed the TV coverage. This was somewhat early that fall....and our sales boomed.
First buck. Back in 95. I was the king of the camp that weekend. Yes I have a forehead, the stocking cap did a number on my hair.
First public land bird. I think around 2000-2001
How about a Polaroid of a muskie hunt. I think catch and release turned into movement a year later. Lol

Damn that's a great selection of jigs. Oh the fish is nice too
My boys getting exposed to waterfowling when they were little. They are 38 and 30 now…where did the time go



My Dad with his first buck 1960
My grandfather, on the right, and his brother after a successful hunt. License plate says 1961. Not sure if these were actually Ohio deer (where they lived at that point), or WV deer (where they grew up and still hunted yearly).

My great-grandfather with a dandy of a WV deer. Unsure of the year on this one, but truck appears to be a ‘65-‘66 Ford F100
The first time I went "out west" to Wyoming.....we had a day's travel to get there.....then find a ranch that would let us hunt. I hunted with some high school classmates....and I suppose we were in our early 20's. We were able to hunt two days and return the following day to get back to work.....for a total four day trip. We pulled a tent camper along....and had plenty of beer, a few eggs, some bread and butter....and I think that was about it. It was so freaking windy.....we did not want to get out of this large draw we were in. We did kill a fawn for camp meat (didn't have any food or money) and roasted it over a spit way deep into the draw so we didn't start a prairie fire. (best food ever!....we ate the whole thing.). We decided we needed to harvest the best we could due to the wind.....and this was the result of our first western trip. Nothing here to brag about.....but we did get some meat and a bit of experience on hunting out west. On the way home....we found a road killed buck.....and stopped to saw his rack off. lol. I think my buddy (in the middle) mounted the rack on a plaque. Good memories of times past.
Always thought these pics were cool. My dad's 1st deer hunt and deer. One of the guys was his farm hand. They were doing some deer drives at our farm and invited us to come in and give it a try. I actually pushed him the group of 7 deer from a patch of brush I wandered into. This was '89, making him 43. Got my 1st deer the following year.

This is a cool thread, so to keep it going, here is a picture of my first turkey harvested in Vernon County, Missouri about 15 years ago using the old 870. During the first week of the season my son bagged a bird on his first ever hunt….my bird took another week of effort.
This was a public land Wyoming antelope that I shot about 20 years ago. Foggy might recognize the shooting sticks on my belt in the picture.


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I don't know much about antelope, but would that be considered a monster? Looks like big horns.
I don't know much about antelope, but would that be considered a monster? Looks like big horns.
Yes, that was a pretty nice antelope - it was a few inches short of B&C if I remember correctly. I shot a couple larger in the following years, but they were all just a little shy of making B&C. My friend and I first hunted Wyoming while we were on our way (we lived in Minnesota) to a New Mexico public land elk hunt while I was in college. The elk season opened at a time that allowed us a couple days to hunt antelope on the way to New Mexico, so we squeezed in an antelope hunt. Then after we shot our antelope quickly, we found a wyoming fall turkey season that was still open and we both bagged our first Merriam's birds as well.
This was a public land Wyoming antelope that I shot about 20 years ago. Foggy might recognize the shooting sticks on my belt in the picture.
Thanks for your business! Nice 'lope.