Anyone heard from John lately?


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Hey guys, web designer guy here. I was working with John on his company's website last week and suddenly lost touch with him. The site we were working through shows he hasn't been online in about 5 days, and I'm afraid something might be wrong. Doesn't anyone know what might be going on?



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Here's from the post GREAT SITE which John posted yesterday.


Thanks for joining us here. Sorry for my delay in replying to your emails. I've been traveling a lot lately and won't slow down for 2 more weeks.

I'll contact Patrick (our developer here) and see if he has any ideas. Although I'm not sure he will know much about Eye-Gaze. When I get back to the office, I'll contact Eye Gaze directly. I'm sure they can help.

THANKS for joining us. I'm thrilled to see you post!


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Small business owner , very busy, not enough hours in the day ... try calling him ... :)


I'm back guys (and almost caught up to emails and voice mails!)