Aluma-hyde gun painting?


5 year old buck +
Picked up a basic savage 308 this summer, and started using my crossbow in the woods this year too. I bought a few cans of brownells aluma-hyde epoxy spray paint.

Anybody use it? Any patterns you like? Hunt mostly with trees as a background. Was planning on painting a 22lr rifle with it too.

I picked up a medium grey a desert tan and olive green. Was going to leave a touch of black on the guns and crossbow.
It’s okay. Prep is obviously key. Edges tend to chip.

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Never used it I have had several guns cerakoted with the baked on finish it’s a good product but more expensive.
Another aspect that came to mind. It’s two cans. One was dead before the other which lead to waste if memory serves me right

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Great for simple DIY projects. Tougher than blue but not as good as Cerakote. I have used flat black and olive drab, they are very flat low gloss. Be sure to get the extra nozzles they recommend..F6B93B26-C048-4006-9BD8-2399183D422E.jpeg