A little new bone starting to show

Native Hunter

5 year old buck +
These 3 are the first I'm seeing with new bone. Lot of body on the first one.

Good to see, I had a couple run across the road in front of me last night on the way home from work, their antlers were about the first pics size.
Looks like a good start growing season. It's always fun to see how fast they can grow!!!!
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Saw 2 little bucks right in the street this morning coming in to work, about 5 blocks off the bluff. Both were a bit smaller growth wise than the first buck photo, but even in the low light one could easily tell they were bucks. I'm thinking they were both last years buck fawns that were recently chased off by momma in anticipation of this years new fawns.
It was exactly a month ago when I got a pic of a young buck still carrying both sides. It all happens fast!

Saw one last week at the farm that had antlers above his ears already. About like that second picture.
looking good!
Thanks. If that first one is the one I think he is I'm going to be a happy camper. If its him, he was a 3 year old last year with a very tall rack.
Third deer above starting to spread a little more.

Had 14 different bucks on game camera these past 2 weeks on our home 80 in Missouri. Can't tell you how many doe's and fawns. But one camera had over 1,100 pictures of them in and out of our clover patch. Deer everywhere!

I don't have as many deer as you, but I am seeing the same thing in the clover right now. Also, they are devouring the chicory, which looks like it is too tall to be very tender, but apparently not. I have become a believer in chicory for my area. They also hit it very well in the fall last year.
Nobody around here has chicory seed. I want to incorporate it into my perennial plots but I'm not buying buck on a bag seed. I think I'm gonna buy my grain seed local this yr then have the
OL mobuckchaser ship me some chicory an clover seed this fall?:rolleyes:
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I will be in touch late summer. Maybe once fall food plotting season approaches you could post a price list for us
I like the Chicory as well. But I am starting to leave some common ragweed grow in some plots. The deer have been browsing that, dam near as much as the clover in both MN and MO. Anyone else seeing that?

Not seeing the ragweed being browsed, but I never do around here. Also never see pokeweed browsed. It might be because we have so much of both of them....
I might know this guy. Hopefully we will know for sure in a few weeks.

Very nice MO. That fellow is going to be awesome.

Here are updates of mine.

Looks like a wide and a high guy!!

Yep, I don't think those boys are related since they look so different. They are running together, but the tall boy is the boss monkey. I got some good pics recently of the tall one running the wide one off the mineral lick.