4th of July extended weekend!!

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What are your plans? I was able to take the next few days off (I'm usually on call 24/7)and plan to make the most out of them. Starting today I get to take my Dad to the Twins vs Royals Game at noon then heading to the my lake/woods for the next 5 days.I plan on preping several plots for brassica and"jap millet" planting, mowing some trails, cutting some alfalfa and clover plots. Put battery's in all 5 camera which will also be put out. Drive tractor in the morning driving boat in the afternoon my kids love tubeing and fishing. Inlaws ,outlaws friends and family all showing up to celebrate on the 4th. I think I might need to bring my 5 and 7 year olds out to check my corn plots there knee's are closer to the ground. Corn will be knee high by the 4th!!!!

Enjoy the 4th!!
Plan to take the kids to a fireworks show or two and visit the folks. Weather here is suposed to be pretty good and not as muggy as it has been. I may start looking at putting up a stand or two as well. I won't get to the fall plots until closer to September. May drink a few brews and float around the pool after putting up a stand or two.

Enjoy the holiday and be safe!
I wish I could work all weekend but that whole family thing gets in the way. :)

Work wise I hope to get the rest of my stand sites prepped and do some spraying.

Play wise we are heading to Green Bay to take a tour of Lambeau and go to Bay Beach, hit a Wausau Woodchucks game, go fart around up in Three Lakes/Eagle River, and go fishing.
BBQ at the house with family, friends, and lots of fireworks!!!
I got lucky enough to get ahead at work a bit and will be leaving for Oshkosh late this afternoon to spend the weekend with my daughter and her husband, but mostly the grandbabies.:D Big family group get-together at her place on the 4th. Grillin' and tossin' back a few cold ones and then most likely down to Sawdust Days for the fireworks. BJE, Bay Beach sounds like a fun stop, but the little ones are only 9 months old, so we'll likely put that off for next summer. I love the area around Three Lakes, my wife's aunt and uncle owned a resort on the Three Lakes Chain for a few years back when they were flipping real estate. They asked us to come up and run it and potentially buy the place, and I would have loved to. Problem is, when you have kids, I like having benefits like insurance with my weekly paychecks!:eek: Hopefully get out to Kester's Wild Game Food Nursery in Omro when I am over there, that is if I can sneak away from the wife for a few hours.;) Everyone have a fun and especially safe Independence Day!:cool:
I hope to spray for fall plots and bush hog some logging roads...
Let's see... Brushhogging side jobs I got that I am doing after me regular 40 hour gig... 65 acres, then another 20 acres, then another 10 acres and then a 5 acre spot so I will be on the tractor pretty much till dark most every night. I don't think I will even see our 80 acre piece for at least another week... 4th of July planning on grilling up some burger, steak, chicken and making a dutch oven blackberry cobbler. Going to spend the day doing stuff with my wife, kids, and grandkids. May take the jetboat out if the water is calm enough on the 4th. Will watch the firework show at the lake that night...

Saturday - Have to spray my parents 20 acre property. Maybe take the Jetboat out for a couple hours - then back on the tractor until dark.

Sunday - daylight to dark on the tractor...
I'm working on the 4th, but Saturday and Sunday I plan on prepping for fall plots, spending time with the grandkids visiting from NH, and an early morning round of golf or two.
The 4th will be family day at the in-laws, try to get some brassicas planted on Saturday and round of golf on Sunday. Have a good 4th everyone!
Combination of being at the lake with the family but will spend Sunday at my Farm planting Brassica's and LC mix and will be checking fruit tress for tent catepillars and other issues.

I'm certain there is a couple beers and a steak in there someplace, should be fun.

Enjoy the forth everyone and be safe.
Went to a big fireworks at Grandview Lodge last night. Fun times with a group I play golf with. Today, I'm gonna do some "farming".....tilling a new plot and spraying weeds. Seed my plots next week after big family events this weekend. More fireworks in Brainerd this weekend.....and some quality time on the lake. A little badminton tourney with my granddaughter. More work will be there - after the family time. :)
Hoping to get some plot work done if it dries up. Getting the grand kid for a couple of days, will need a couple to recoupe after that.
This is our contribution to the family gathering at the inlaws today, Country spare ribs and potato salad.

Have a good and safe 4th weekend!
we got about 2.5 inches of rain last night, any plot work would make for a mess, best I could hope to do is a bit of limb trimming to allow for more light from the east side of plots. That said, Arthur is churning up the coast and could drop 6 more inches of rain......... should have planted rice!