3 years ago today it took a turn

Jim Timber

5 year old buck +
We closed on the woods.

That summer we did some cutting:



Got some almost immediate response:

Discovered the unwelcome guests:

Discovered critters we didn't know we had (this is a fisher):

Made some implements:

Prosecuted some trespassers:

Year number 2 was marked with some notable visits:

And by year 3 we'd already created some life long memories:

He was annoyed I was taking his pic. :D

I started on this journey in December of 2010 with a big dream and a somewhat clear path in mind, and by the summer I had discovered my health was failing and was unable to achieve what I intended to get done. The following year I lost my job. Holding onto this land has been a challenge in itself, but being there is the rejuvenation that keeps me fighting to retain it. This place is my sanctuary. You can't have that on guided hunts or leases - you're always a guest or customer of someone else's subject to their will. This is my retreat. My responsibility to protect and nurture. My kingdom. I wouldn't do it over any differently.

Happy anniversary critters - I love (almost) every one of you.

Thanks for reading.
I know you have some heath issues. I hope it never get to the point that you can't enjoy your property. I enjoyed your story.
I didn't know you had these things going on in your life. Hang in there, things will get better!
Stay the course Jim and good things will happen. Nice looking work on the property. Trespassers, arent they vermin you can trap? ;)
Things willg et better, Jim and as families we learn to adapt.

I agree with you on the guided hunts or leases.
Thanks for posting this! Thats the same way i feel about land ownership and making memories! Best of luck to you with your health issues and land enjoyment!
I didn't trap the trespassing vermin, it's a miracle they were even on camera - those cameras sucked so bad at firing delay I returned them after pulling these cards. lol I did successfully get the guy in the pic cited and fined though. That's the last trespasser I've had evidence of. Apparently the neighbors think I have cameras out to catch them. I have cameras out to see the natives, I just happen to catch the invasives at the same time. :mad:

My health is what it is. I do what I can when I can, and try not to dwell on it when I'm doped up or waiting out the pain. Unfortunately, that prevents me from doing any kind of steady work, so I'm doing what I can with my muzzle devices (which do work, not something I whipped up just to sell) to try to remain off disability. Everything I banked on has failed - can't harvest firewood in sufficient volume to subsist as I had planned. I should've been able to pay the note with product harvested from the land. Aspen harvest was to be sold to the Sauk Rapids paper mill, which promptly burned down within months of closing the sale.

I have cervical spondylosis (neck) and degenerative disk disease of the thoracic spine (ribcage). I just had the ulnar nerves released from my elbows over the winter (cubital tunnel syndrome), and also had carpal tunnel release surgery in both hands as well (2 years ago). Add all that to my trashed knees, and I'm pretty much useless. :p
Add all that to my trashed knees, and I'm pretty much useless. :p

My aching body makes me feel useless many days as well. You still have your sense of humor, that goes a long way :)

These conditions have put a major hindrance on my productivity, but I'm just too stubborn to quit.