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My son got it done


5 year old buck +
Sunday my 17 yr old son put the hammer down on this buck. Hearing the crack of his rifle put a smile on my face. A51E7FCD-36E7-4B8B-8AC6-B4E05B1997A2.jpeg1CC37069-AFA0-46C9-B7F6-0821825E3D31.jpeg


Very nice. Congratulations to son and Dad.

Merle Hawggard

5 year old buck +
Congrats to you two!

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Tree Spud

5 year old buck +
Congrats ... nice buck!

Natty Bumppo

5 year old buck +
Congrats. Great buck.

Troubles Trees

5 year old buck +
So awesome to see the youth getting into this sport we love so very much!
Congrats to you both, great buck!!