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Federal AccuTip 20 Gauge?


5 year old buck +
When I used to hunt in the shotgun zone I bought a heavy barrel H&R Ultra Slug Hunter, in 20. That thing shoots. I do best with the 2 3/4" Remington Copper Solids. The only problem with that gun was rust. If you looked at it wrong it'd rust. I took it to Ahlman's and had them spray it with duracoat. Problem solved. Damn, I love that cheap gun. Maybe I'll take it out of the safe this year and hunt with it even though I can use a rifle.

Anyway, back on topic, the 2 3/4" sabot slugs always shot better for me, regardless of the gun. I've got several rifled slug barrels for 870s as well. I never found a good reason to tote a 12g around for deer either.
that's the exact gun I have. w/ a thumbhole laminated stock. Love that old girl.