Yogi bear is back


5 year old buck +
Well, who knows if its the same bear, but anyway....
Had a bear on cam a couple years ago many times all summer.
Last year no bear pics at all.... but come mid October, I had tree tubes and stakes all busted up and thrown around. My first thought was a buck had fun with them, but looking closer they had dirt/mud smeared all over them... Had to be a bear.

So I went up mid week this week to do some cabin chores and ran to the farm. Had to check the cams of course.

So I took my utility vehicle out to check my cams on Thursday on my way back home. :)

Then 6 hours later this happens.....

Ahhhh.... Looks like I might have to do some baiting this fall and try again.... Click link below.
I'm going with a Sasquatch not a bear. Ha!!
Cool video. What shape was the cam in after?
Oddly enough, it doesn't have a mark on it..... After watching the vids it sure seemed like he was chewing on the thing.

I got 3 vids of him playing with it over a span of a couple minutes.
I think we have the same utility vehicle with the same deer license plate.

We have a camera that every couple weeks the bears turn it to look at a different part of the food plot. After 2 weeks they move it back to point where we intended. It could be nice except they point it into a small corner where it doesn't get as many pictures :mad:
I'm going with a Sasquatch not a bear. Ha!!

It very well could be Sasquatch. Last place I saw him was in northeastern Cass county, and that was a couple years ago already.