winter 2014


5 year old buck +
After the last two winters, we have bare ground now. The problem with this is no winter kill, deer numbers are going to increase so much, back to intensive harvest. When we have the meeting in zones with the DNR, we will not have a leg to stand on. Like we did before?
Jerry, we might not have a leg anyway.
But we should raise some he77.

At least I will feel better.
The goals have already been established as have the management designations IMHO

The stakeholder teams are a feel good measure to make the public think they actually have some say in the deer herd.
I agree.

But each action by hunting groups will get area managers to think twice before they make the final decision.
The winter ain't over yet!
I hope so Art...

I think the only way much of anything gets done/changed here is if corporate MDHA becomes a deer hunter advocacy group and gets publicly vocal. Even then...I'm not sure much really gets done.

The Farm Bureau and ethanol industry have deep pockets and an agenda

I agee that is the key thing, but so many do not care. So many do not even look at emails. "Just leave it up to the DNR as they have done for the last 10 years."

MDHA has influence in northern Mn. If only those of us in the transition area can tag along and get our voices heard.
Do they really? NE MN has had pretty crappy hunting for a long time. Other than feeding the deer last winter...what has MDHA accomplished up there?
You got me on that one, Stu!

Legislators do say, What does MDHA say?

but little real difference has been made.
We only have 8" of snow and it will be 0 by Friday. Calling for 40-50 all week with lots of rain! Last year we had a solid 2' base by this time. This has given the deer a free month of winter, only 3 months left. My clover was still 6" high when it got covered over a few weeks ago, I know it will be flat when this snow melts but will the deer still be able to eat it while the ground is bare? This is very rare for my area to have bare ground any time after mid December sometimes mid November. Hopefully it will lead to good fawn survival. That being said we still have 250" of snow that the averages tell me is still on the way.
I welcome this weather so far with open arms. Maybe I can actually do some work in the winter? Or am I hoping for too much?
Same here. I've been able to get a lot done so far and I'm hoping to be able to continue.

My only problem is December is too busy to get up to our land. Once the new year is upon us then I can start getting away for weekends again.
I'm LOVING this winter!!!
Same here BJE80. Gotta clear the holidays. Then the saw comes out & it's off to camp with about 6 or 7 of the guys !! Plenty to do until April 1st. Weekends will be busy.
I don't think we should ever complain about mild winters.
I just hope my back gets better to do something outside...besides work.
Just wait till January/February kicks in. I trust the long range forecast about as much as the daily.