WI bear season


5 year old buck +
image.jpg I'm baiting for my buddy who drew a tag. Tomorrow's the big day. We have several bears coming in daily. This big one is coming in daily. 3 days last week he was in at 5:00 in the afternoon. Had some camera issues, but they are back working now. He was in last night but late. Hope he gets back to his 5:00 routine for tomorrow.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
Here's another pic I believe is the same bear.

That thing is a giant. Good luck!
Good luck!
Looks like a fattie, your area isn't a stranger to world class bears. Is he going with bow or gun? Hopefully he keeps hitting.
He is using a gun. He has been in daily for two weeks. Sometimes at night, sometimes in the afternoon. We didn't start baiting until the end of July. I wanted to hold off as long as possible to start baiting. I have a bunch of does and fawns on the property and wanted the fawns to get bigger before I started pulling in bears.
What do you guys think that bear goes weight wise? I'm guessing 400-450.
400 all day. Good luck dragging it out. If you put a gun to my head for the weight.. 425 dressed. Big.. I think it's a sow. Head is not overly huge. But, will be a massive rug.
I don't claim to be an expert on bears, but that doesn't look like a sow to me. I'm not taking a guess on the weight either.
Good luck and keep us updated.
Here's another pic I believe is the same bear.

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That's a big one and a shooter for sure. It's tough to tell since the picture isn't super clear, but my first thought was that it's a sow just by the shape of the face. Sows are usually shorter than boars, so if it's a sow I'd guess that it's 300-400 and if it's a boar I'm guessing 400-500. Definitely an awesome bear regardless of sex or weight. If your friend spends enough time in the stand, you'll likely be able to tell us exactly what it weighs.

Good luck.