where to get sawtooth oak seedlings.


5 year old buck +
Does anyone have any northern source (NE and north) for sawtooth or gobbler sawtooth oaks. I bought some at a give away price from a southern nursery and out of 25, 3 were alive at the end of last summer. The nursery has a replacement policy and so I replanted and maybe 8 of those are now alive. I am out my labor but I look at that as some good exercise.

I would like to try the sawtooths again but would like to find a nursery that has them and a have been successful at establishing in northern states.

Any help would be welcome.

I got some from Thunter that Are doing great also got some gobblers from native nursery that are doing great as well. Both southern sources but planted in the Midwest.
Willy I struck out with my gobbler sawtooths as well. 0 for 25 ...... though there deaths were from a few different sources. Mine came from a southern source as well.
Well TC that's good to know it wasn't just me on their survival.

Smsmith, I hear you on acorn production but I am wanting them basically for their growth rate and their quality of keeping leaving until late Nov, early dec or later. Screening is what I am after. I don't want cedars in this spot and hybrid willows and pops don't hold their leaves this late so that is why I am leaning on saws. If they would produce acorns that would be an added bonus. I am south of Omaha, NE close to the border junctions of NE, IA, and MO.

Thanks Jordan for your sources.

I am going to try them one more year and then go with red oaks from the MDC.
Willy I'm about straight east of you in west central IL and my 10 year old gobbler sawtooth looked rough coming into spring. All but one of four looked rough but are coming out of it. Probably the winter. Keep at it but don't overlook the shingle oak for what you are wanting. That's a tough oak with late winter leaves.
I got 50 sawtooth from the NWTF 4 years ago. I don't know the source and assumed they were somewhat Southern. I am in NY. I planted 50 in the hopes that in 4 years I would have 10-15 survive. I've only had 4 not make it. Some are doing better than others but, I have a whole lot of trees now. Believe it or not , they leaf out in May and June and hold their leaves until at least May. Basically the whole year. They would make an excellent screen.
Good info. How fast do shingle oaks grow in your experience? Thanks for the suggestion.

I will have to call them and see where there trees come from. Thanks
Willy, at the elevation I'm at, mine would survive in your area. I have one growing near Crawford in far northwest Nebraska.
The shingle grow fairly fast but not as fast as sawtooth. They only have to be 6 to 7 feet tall to screen. Very thick with leaves and super tough. Another thing about shingle when it is windy the rustling leaves are better than corn stalks about covering noise.
Goatman, those do sound good.

THunter, how do yours/any sawtooth oaks do in heavy clay and I mean heavy. That's all I got where these would be going. Perhaps that is my problem with the ones I have planted, they can't handle heavy clay.

Thanks fellas.
I've planted them in Georgia red clay and they've done fine. That gumbo crap they have out in the Pine Ridge is what that one out there is growing in--you know, the stuff that sticks to your boots and gives you a 6" boost in height walking across a wheat field.