What's wrong with my spruce/pine?


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I got some weird problems with my pines and spruces that I noticed on other plantings as I drove around MN this week. Anyone know what's causing these trees to look like this? Will they live?

I've heard "wind burn" from a few people, but those were uneducated guesses.





And it also looks like I may have spruce worms in my spread, or could it be something else?
photo 5.JPG

Nonetheless, I have some that have done darn well since 2007. I like to snap a pic of these each year since I planted. They all started out as 12" trees in pots. 14.JPG



photo 7.JPG
I have some looking like that also and have seen more throught my area..I assume it was from the bitter cold winter we had.
Winter burn is what I call it.
A few will live.
Yep, winter burn. All my white pine and blue spruce look like that. Very disheartening, mine were all 2 year seedlings when I put them in the ground 4 years ago. Hopping some of them make it.

Is there anyway to help rejuvenate a tree in this state? Fertilizer and lots of water?
I'd say they will all live besides those 2 that appear to be red pine. I see the buds are swelling on the white pine. If you have some green and some living buds, you'll be good. You have a little bigger trees. I've had them die when they are generally under a foot. Otherwise they seem to live.

Those red pine are interesting.....we they getting yellow through fall? You might have that beetle in them. They did alot of damage in 2012. I haven't seen a red pine winter burn, especially big ones like that.
Nothing was yellowing in the fall. I really hope I don't have a bug problem in my spruce. It's hard enough to get evergreens to grow around there.
My guess is that most if not all of them will survive. Had that several years ago up by my land and all but one of my red pine survived.
Yep - winter burn. I've got some on Norway spruce at my camp this spring. Never had it before this winter. But this was an exceptionally LONG, COLD, windswept winter in northern Pa. as well as where you are. I'm not worried. Might lose a few ( seedlings ) but nothing major.