West Branch Farm Non Deer Pictures

West Branch

5 year old buck +
I thought I would start a thread with some of the other animals we have showing up this year.

This camera is on a spot of birdsfoot trefoil in the woods. A couple deer showed up in May but it was only bears for the month of June.

Maybe a little bit of cinnamon coloring on this first one? Or possibly just sunlight.

Another one in the same spot.

After eating a bunch of the mineral we put down this bear is thinking "what the hell did I just do"

A bear licking the air.

Darn coyote, but I like the picture:

Tom working the rye plot:

A tom working a small field on the south side of our property

Back a couple days later

The cows showed up, but a deer was still around

Pretty Cool...thanks for sharing!

I love the bear sleeping with his hand over his face.

Thanks! I think he is laying like that because he just gorged himself on our trace mineral salt and di-cal mix.

Last year we put out some horse feed and a bear laid down and ate most of it in about 30 mins.
Sounds like a belly ache to me! Bet he could shit through a key hole a 10 paces after that! Hahahaha!

I have heard about shitting through a screen door without touching a wire but that's a new one for me! rofl.gif