Wells Rice


A good 3 year old buck
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Rice? What the ?!?!? You mean like "Uncle Ben's" and "Ho-Chi-Min" rice! How the hell the deer going to boil water? If you cook it for them isn't that baiting?:D
There are some jokes to be made - but I'm going to not do that. Planting rice for deer - OK. I have heard of doing it for ducks - thats with a "D" not bucks - with a "B". I must live a sheltered life (I am guilty of 90% of Foggy's list he posted the other day).
Are your deer "rooking for some ting to eat"?????

Yep - I'm going to hell!!!!
^^^ lol!
Don't know anything about that type of rice but we grow a fair bit of rice down here and I have never seen or heard of deer eat much if any of it. Have seen them bed in the water in the rice fields during the summer though.

Jbird, the ornamentals are going to get after you.
Oh no....not the ornamentals!!! Not sure where ornamentals come from other than the tree and shrub nursery.

I'm bigger than 99.99% of the ornamentals - I just stand up and they start running screaming, "Godzirra!"

I actually have a friend that is Japanese and we have a lot of fun. He makes fun of me being a hillbilly and a lazy American and I make fun of him being short and not being able to use an "L" properly!