Turnips for dinner?


5 year old buck +
After staring at vegetables at the farmers market with my wife all morning, I got to wondering, what's the best way to cook/prepare these for a meal? I've got 5.5 acres in the ground growing very well and I wouldn't mind giving them a try this fall.
The best way to eat turnips is
1. feed them to the deer

2.shoot young deer, yearling or fawn, grill the loins with seasoning salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. Make a boat in the loin to hold patties of butter while grilling.

Plant rutabagas for venison soup, turnips are only for foodplots!

In all seriousness, Joe. When did you plant them? Wow, 5.5 acres. I'm impressed.

Get us some pictures.
I like them in a stew or braising meat ... they hold up well.
Gramps used to pick my turnips at the hunting land and slice them thin, and fry in a pan with butter, salt and pepper.

He made a believer out of me.
Boil them (greens and cubed roots)with a little bacon or fat meat and serve them over some good ole cornbread. Good stuff!
Since you're from the south, I figured I'd ask....know anything about making collard greens? I'd like to try cooking some of my Impact forage collards this year
we cook them the very same way that I posted about the turnips.

Wash them
cut up
boil down with a few pieces of bacon untill greens are tender
Serve over cornbread
Art- got 1.5 in the last couple days of June and the rest in on the 5th and 6th of July. I'll try and get some pics up. Everything is growing good so far. I actually can't wait to try cooking some of these up now that I have a few ways to try them.
My wife's trainer has told us butter and bacon is not that bad for you. She also said something about moderations blah blah blah.
Worst tasting things I've ever tried. As said, feed 'em to deer, then eat the deer.
I ate some of my tillage radishes last year and they were way better than turnips.
If you get them early - they're pretty good. Too late and I'll have mine deer processed too, please. :)
Art- here is a video clip of the 1.5 acre behind my camper this morning. The plot is PTTs, daikon, and DER. I intentionally don't wash my truck from the winter because the deer like to come lick the residual salt off of it for me, so I let them.
Joe, can I borrow your truck about Nov. 8?

Just a minute, I haven't washed mine either!
You do want to get turnips (for eating) when they're young and tender. Anything over 3" or so and they can get pretty strong tasting and woody.

Being interested in health, I'm sure you've heard of kale chips Joe? Try making some turnip chips (out of the greens, not the bulbs)...surprised me that I actually ate something healthy last fall. Turnip greens, olive oil, sea salt, bake on cookie sheets...done
I have probably waited too long to try the turnips and let them get mature.

I tried some kale like stu said last summer and it was not too bad. Also had some in sandwiches. My kale had a smooth edged leaf last year. this year my kale has a crinkled leaf.

what was I eating last year/ Turnip greens?

Bacon and butter will make about anything taste good. Eat up (It's good for my business, also!)
It's even got one bumper. I ain't sure if it is on the front or back, it depends on which way you are driving!

some people say you don't learn anything on these forums, but look at the wealth of knowledge from Mo and me.
I usually gather a big pot full for thanksgiving, peel, cube, boil, drain well, mash, add to it 6 strips of crumbled bacon, and about half the grease from cooking the 6 strips.
I will stay with straight up bacon!!!
I ate some of my tillage radishes last year and they were way better than turnips.
Someone told me tillage radishes have some kick to them????