Treadwright tires garbage!


5 year old buck +
well for the second time in 40 days my treadwright guard dogs let me down. The tires are a total recap of the inner core, and according to them, and excellent choice to save money on tires. I bought a set of 4 at 165 dollars each, not bad for a set of 315 70 17's, load range D. Had them on and had little complaint for the initial use, re balanced at 10k on a road force machine and they ran smooth down the road. gut up Sunday morning 40 days ago to make a wood run at my place in NY and there was a turtle sized goose egg on my side wall, and halfway across the tread. It had formed over night and I did not hit any potholes of extreme measure on the trip up. Changed it out with a spare and finished my weekend. Then this weekend was up in NY again, and on my way home, still quite a ways out, I felt something change in regards to balance. slowed down, eased my way towards home, finally at 35 mph it blew. second front tire in 40 days. First tire they denied warranty coverage saying I hit something, which could not be proven either side of argument, Just got off the phone with them, and guess what? same claim, they claim I hit something. I lit them up this time, how can a company that makes so much money off customers screw them over by taking the easy way out, companies need to stand behind their product, not cower at a claim, without customers they will cease to exist.

WOW good thing it wasn't a blow out at hiway speed.
Retreads have their place when you're dealing with trucks that have multiple tires on an axle (chance of losing two on a side is very slim), but I'd never run them on the road on a passenger vehicle, or on a steer axle. Having worked at a call center for Goodyear and Bridgestone tire hotlines - there's just no way I'd consider it worth the risk.
I won't risk running them again, ever.
The used Ford Sport Trac we bought my daughter 2 years ago had brand new Bridgestone tires on it. Within 18 months she had a blow out at 55mphs on a open stretch of highway. After checking the other 3 we noticed that they were incredibly weather checked. Looked like 20 year old tires that had been on an abandoned vehicle! Just got new tires put on my wife's smaller SUV/ car. Pretty much felt like it was a hose job from the beginning, very, very few choices (yes I checked a few places) on tires for her vehichle. We ended up with what was considered a middle grade tire. By the time I was done with tires and all the BS fees I had a bill close to $1,000!
I'm looking at $800+ tax and install for my truck in the next month. I got the used rubber I'm running to get me through last winter, and it's not going to make it another one. They were really cheap and got me by, but I got 65K out of my last set of walmart-only Goodyears (I got them off craigslist for $280 for the set).