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The past couple of years I've trained during the offseason but was sidelined much of 2014 after I tweaked my bad knee so it's time to start again. Prior to two years ago I had become severely out of shape (too much desk work and eating on the road) and hunting the way I do was starting to get hard especially with 50lbs of stands, gear and filming equipment on me.

Being out of shape means more sweat and scent, taking longer to set up stands and scouting is harder. With that said I've got a jump on the New Year and started training again this past week and I hope for anyone wanting to get that edge in the woods back to start now as there is no tomorrow. For me it's hard to stay in shape just to lose weight, but if i think about it making my hunts easier then I'm all in.
Shawn - good luck. I'm not out of shape - round is a shape - but I do need to take better care of myself as well. I really struggle with sticking with any sort of program. If buying or just having the workout equipment counted for anything I would be one buff SOB! I will say this - I sleep better and have less stress when I am more active on a regular basis. I need to at least start somthing to shed a few pounds - I wak my property all the time, but not at a pace that really increases my heart rate and that is what is important. I need to stop snacking, limit myself on meal portion sizes and just get up off my butt.
For me, the biggest challenge is getting those first 3 workouts in. I hate working out for the sake of working out. So, as the only reason I do it is so that I'm not praying for death to end my suffering by the time I'm 20% up that ridge, packing God know what that day to the top, I push myself working out hard. After all, I just want that payoff and can't get it unless I do try killing myself working out. Because of that, the first 3 always suck bad. The nice thing is that I tend to get in a groove after that and know I'm just hurting myself if I stop (as I'll have to go through those first 3 killer workouts when I start again). Don't know if you can use that method to help you at all, but it is about the only thing that keeps me working out regularly, once I get those first 3 down (started working out yesterday after nearly a yr off because of a shoulder issue...I can still come up with excuses to stop way too easy). Good Luck!
I have never been one to train or exercise if you want to call it that. I have been throwing around 50lb and 100lb bags of corn, and 25,000 bales of hay every year for most of my life and with Working construction during the day piled on........ was enough training for me. But Diabetes is starting to kick my ass, and has caused me to do about a 80% change in my eating and drinking lifestyle since 3 weeks ago. The real threat of going on insulin from pills, or losing some feet or legs in the near future ain't where I want to go! The Barracuda however, is in top shape for a woman almost 50 years young, she can and has out worked most kids we have hired over the years, runs marathons every year and can still rock a bikini on the Mexican beaches. Me however, I look like Dick the Bruiser or the Crusher from the AWA. Hope to get that changed in the next year! Good luck to everyone on there training!

My dad also had the the farming keep him in shape over the years, but he has had a couple injuries and also diagnosed with diabetes ~10 years ago. He broke his back in a car accident when he was 50 and couldn't farm or milk cows for several months. He had to go from a stanchion to a parlor for milking cows. He bounced back and when he was around 60 he would still do pull ups on the I Beam in the parlor. He would pull himself up and hold his body horizontal and stay there a lot longer than I could and I was around 14-15 years old. Then when he was 66 he broke his femur right at the hip joint falling out of the tractor. No walking for a couple months and a lot of physical therapy and then it didn't heal correctly and he had a hip replacement at 67. He walked with a cane for a year and now at 71 he no longer needs a cane but has slowed down a lot. When I talk to him he complains he can only get 4-5 hours of work in outside before getting worn out and coming into the house. Not working as consistently really screws with his diabetes as well. He might even retire in year or two.
My wifes grandfather always made a comment that may ring true here as well. He always said, "If I knew I was going to live this damn long I would have taken better care of myself!"
I'm on the fence.

I've seen a lot of healthy people live way longer than they should. My Grandmother "in law". Was in her late 90' she wanted the lord to take her for years.

Then I've seen guys drop dead in the back yard.

I think I like the back yard or in the woods.
I may never be my "ideal" weight, but I sure can use to loose some. I know I will simply feel better if I do. I may never run 5 miles like I used too, yes I really used to run 5 miles every other day and physically lift weights the other days - I was in damn good shape, but that was 20 years ago. I'll start with just some brisk walking and watching what I eat some. Biggest thing I have noticed is it's a lifestyle change and NOT a diet in the short term to only resume the same bad habits later.
After being diagnosed with diabetes the day before the gun opener, I have had to commit to a lifestyle change like never before. I have a hard time "working out" due to a blown out football knee(no cartilage left) from back in the day and the subsequent damage to the other knee from years of overcompensation due to the "bad" knee. My orthopedic surgeon would like to replace them both, but at age 45, he won't do it because I am "too young" and if I wear them out, a second knee replacement is not likely to be successful. I was predisposed to diabetes on both sides of my family, so it was a matter of when, not if. I lost 5 lbs in the first week just by quitting drinking soda, there are enough of the "0 everything" flavored waters out there to easily make that change, so I have no excuse, I absolutely hate diet sodas. I also severely limit my own carb intake(minimal breads, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.), both to lose weight and to keep the diabetes in check. I eat a lot more salads than I ever have before. I am now looking to get started with a workout regimen of swimming 3 days a week(to save the impact on the knees), but the nearest place I can do that has a membership of $85 a month(which I find to be a bit steep for taking a dip for a half hour 12 days a month), the next place is over a half hour drive one way from my house, so I still have yet to commit to the whole swim workout thing. My wife and I do still walk our dog on one of the many local trails or local parks at least 2 to 3 days a week, at least when it's nice outside.
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Yup, sucks stu, but teaching my new granddaughters to hunt and enjoy the outdoors is my top priority moving forward and I ain't doing that with no feet at 300+lbs.
The obesity rate in this country is one never seen by any generation before us. All processed foods and lifestyle choices have created a health epidemic never seen before. Smoking drinking eating it is slashing life expectancies like never before. Most people won't acknowledge it personally untill it's too late. I empathize for you guys.
Our household works hard at consuming quality foods and limiting the o so good stuff within reason. It really contributes to a better quality of life that includes many things. I ate and drank like crap the last couple weeks and I reallly feel like crap. It amazes me how much unhealthy foods can impact your body so quickly. Especially as you get older, but look at how fat these kids are. It's kinda scarey.
there is a lot more to taking care of yourself than living longer. It reAlly comes down to quality of life. I just have to work a harder to get my body back into balance. Maybe one day I will learn.
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The one thing I promised my wife is we will not have fat kids. I was always into weight lifting and sports until I got married. It covered up for a lot when a was a kid through my 20's. My mom is an unbelievable baker and we always had cookies, cakes, and pies in the house. My grandparent almost pushed sodas and snacks on the grand kids. My grandmother always said "I grew up with nothing, my kids had very little, my grand kids are going to have what ever they want". If I grew up in this video game era I would have been severely obese. I do not want my kids to have to deal with problems that come with being over weight. My kids are 9 and 5 and yet to have a soda. Other than the one nana gave them(she only did that once). I turn 40 this year and I am starting to notice the effects of 20 years of bad diet and too much drinking. I joined the gym in August and was shocked how weak I had become in the 12 years since my last visit. I am determined to get into shape. Not for me but for my kids, they are great motivation. For you guys approaching retirement I also have a story of caution. My FIL was a lineman for the power company. He retired 7 years ago and was in very good shape for 55. He has not adapted well to retirement. He sits all day, only goes out for smoke breaks, and drinks from breakfast on. We recently were looking at pictures of him and the kids from around when he retired. My wife started crying we couldn't believe how much he had aged in 5 years. I think he went hunting once this year for 1 hour. He said when he retired he was hoping for 20 good years, 7 years in and I don't 20 is going to be an option. Have a plan, get in shape, and enjoy life. While the thought of going while peacefully sitting in the woods is nice, most of us will go while hooked up to machines wondering why we did this to ourselves. Being unhealthy feels like crap and I am ready to make a change.
Your heart only has so many beats in it. Be careful or you use them up too fast. It's why marathon runners often drop dead young.
Your heart only has so many beats in it. Be careful or you use them up too fast. It's why marathon runners often drop dead young.

Yea running is hard on you and it why walking and squatting is the best. If I end up going on my elk hunt this year I'll probably get back to running some, topping out at 4 miles where I was prior to tweaking my knee last year. However you'll see me do more hill climbing than anything.
Your heart only has so many beats in it. Be careful or you use them up too fast. It's why marathon runners often drop dead young.

^ THIS is what is known as BULLSCHMIDT! Don't go spreading this bull might give someone an excuse to quit a good health plan. ;)

I'm 67 and constantly struggle with the extra 10% body weight from leading the "good life" Treadmills and elliptical machines are a good thing to take those pounds off.

I think that our winter activities and active lifestyle here in AZ (LOTS TO DO!) will add to our longevity and happiness. I'm off to the gym in 10 minutes. :)
Just finished up a bowl of oatmeal with extra bran & ground flax, banana & blueberries ... would've preferred eggs & hash :(

I started a business 6 years ago and after sitting at a desk for 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, the pounds have come on. 25 years on airplanes & hotels have not been easy on the waist line either.

My goal the past few months is to get more activity and movement. I have always eaten lots of high fiber food, seafood, and fruits/vegetables, just need to stay away from the cheeseburgers & fries at lunch. My doctor has said you can't give up living for the sake of pure health, you just need to do things in moderation. I have dropped 10 lbs the last 4 months and hope to continue that trend.

I don't believe in diets as these are always fad driven. For me it is about a lifestyle change that incorporates sustainable changes that can be maintained long term.

For you guys who now have diabetes ... My FIL had Type I juvenile on set diabetes all his life, was one of the 1st people to receive insulin. Take heed to your doctors advice, as the last 10 years of his life were tough & very painful for him.

Good luck to all with their health goals in the upcoming year!
I am in the worst shape of my life an it weighs on my mind constantly. 5 years ago i was 190 with 4% body fat at only 5'8" tall. I really need to readjust my life style an make the gym a top priority even if it means bringing in less money from working less. You really do feel much better when you break a hard swet more often. 3 kids 3 yrs an under really does make it tuff though. Wouldn't change a thing though
I have a hard time "working out" due to a blown out football knee(no cartilage left) from back in the day and the subsequent damage to the other knee from years of overcompensation due to the "bad" knee.

I'm not in that bad of shape knee wise, but I've spent just shy of 50 yrs pounding the snot out of my knees. I've always been very conscious of wanting to NOT make them worse by beating them up worse working out. I do 0 running (one of the more destructive exercises for your body), but I hit the wall where walking up steep hills gets too easy, too fast, as I'm always in somewhat decent walking shape from all the ridges I bust.

I rely on two things for cardio that are fairly low impact on the knees. Jacob's Ladder (picture a conveyer belt bringing hay up to the mow, only with wooden dowels from rungs. You bear crawl up, using hands and feet, but stay in one place) will wipe you out in less than 120 seconds the first time you do it, and I mean wipe you out, and that includes all those 110 lbs little girls that ride the ellipticals for 2345876981274 hrs straight, without breaking a sweat or taking a deep breath. I love/hate the thing, as it gives me the exact benefits I'm going for, but it is pure hell. Even when I'm peaking, 15ish mins straight is about the best I've ever done, and you can literally ring a quart of sweat from my cloths after 5 mins. It sucks getting to that point, but busting the steepest, tallest ridge, Buffalo Co type ridges don't even get you to breath hard when you get to that point, and I never feel any knee strain from it.

Since you may not want to invest in a piece of EQ (no clue how much it costs, as I do that at the gym), the other thing I do a bunch of is bike type work. The wife convinced me to take a Spin Class with her years ago. she hated it, but it was a good fit for my knees. You can emulate the same type of workout simply riding a bike or picking up a comparatively cheap (as exercise EQ goes) adaptor for a bike to allow you to bike in place inside during winter. It's not as but kicking as Jacob's ladder, but it gives me a lot better workout than walking and is very low impact on my knees. I can still make myself breath hard doing that, well after I'm in "busting ridges" shape. That may help compliment the swimming for you or replace it all together, if you decide the drive/$ is too much. At $85, you could buy the adapter for the bike in 2 months and have paid for a hell of a nice bike in 4-6 more months....and you wouldn't have to drive to work out....Just a thought.
#2 down...1 more hellish one before they start getting easier.
That ladder looks wicked and I wish I had access to one. I would re-join my gym if it was there. Just for the heck of it and saw the cost was $3,000-$4,000.
That ladder looks wicked and I wish I had access to one. I would re-join my gym if it was there. Just for the heck of it and saw the cost was $3,000-$4,000.
When the gym opened a couple yrs ago, they offered a heck of a promotion (I pay $15 a month, locked in forever at that rate or until I let it expire). The buff, "I'm such a pretty, pretty boy" trainer that gave me the tour told me you get a better work out in 2 mins on that than 60 mins on any elliptical. Almost no one uses it, because he was right. It flat out hands you ur a$$ in less than 5 mins. That's perfect for me, as I don't have hrs to spend doing this stuff. When I'm hitting my groove, I do 5 mins on the bike, 12 on J.L., 5 on bike, 10 on J.L., 5 on bike, 5 on J.L. and 5 cool down on bike...and in 42 mins get a more intense work out than when doing wrestling practice back in HS for 2.5 hrs ever gave me, and those were/are the hardest workout I'd ever had outside of these. That thing really is a beast.