Too much Gly??


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What ratio are you guys mixing to burn down the grasses and weeds before plotting? How much mixture per acre?
I use 1.5 qts of gly per 20 gallons of water, with .5 qt Powerhouse mixed in as well. covers one acre for me.
I use 1.5 qts of gly per 20 gallons of water, with .5 qt Powerhouse mixed in as well. covers one acre for me.
What is powerhouse biglake??
I use 2 Qts Gly and 22 gals water to the acre for my big burn-down mix. I have used 1 qt Gly to spray established clover for weeds in early summer.
16 oz mixed with ~ 8 gallons of water for 1/3 acre.

translation= 1.5 qts per acre with ~ 24 gallons of water

I could use less water but I like to have enough water in the tank to hit the plot with no worries of running out before finishing.
Powerhouse is a surfactant and liquid ammonium sulfate...... I will let MoBuckdude explain what the hell it does. LOLLLLLL.

All I know is the mix kills stuff dead good.
surfactant helps the chemical"stick" so to speak to the weed - without actually being sticky. It helps the water droplet that is carrying your chemical to essentially stick to the weed vs rolling off of it is the best way I can explain it. It sort of removes the wax froom your car hood - for another visual. A waxed hood the water will bead up and run off. Remove the wax and the water spreads out and "sticks" more. Which is what you want on your weeds. The ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) is actually a nitrogen fertilizer which helps get a good kill on grasses. The fertilizer promotes growth and absorbtion of nutriants and thus the active chemical in your herbicide. Ammonium sulfate also helps condition the water if you have high levels of iron (like in well water in my area) and thus restricts the free iron in the water from binding with the active chemical in your spray and thus weakening it. That's about the best way I can explain what these are and how they work at least as I understand it.
Now I know what that bag of stuff I bought from MoBuck does!
Bag of what???? :)
I mix 30 oz to 15gal for 1acre.

Mobuckchaser what's your thoughts on adding a lil dawn dish soap for better flow an surfactant?