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5 year old buck +
found a bunch of bears head tooth and hen today. The Bears head tooth was so high in the tree had to get my pole saw and attach a stick for extension to reach it.


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Is that white one also called a cauliflower mushroom?
SD- According to the guide books we use the cauliflower is totally different. It grows from the roots of dead trees. Called Sparassis and considered one of the top edibles. There's different kinds of bears head tooth all under the Hericium spp and they grow on dead trees or stumps. The one we found yesterday was a good 15 feet up the tree. We've never found a cauliflower.
Nice bears head. I wish I could find more of those. I have only one tree where they grow. I have never found a cauliflower either, I guess if you find one every couple years, you're doing good. I've been finding lot's of hens this year. They have all ben a lot lighter in color than yours, mostly light tan or gray.