This was the sign it was coming


5 year old buck +

The land bubble burst.
Somebody is going to lose their ass soon.
Long term boys in 50 years people will be fighting over prime land. Today's numbers mean nothing.
Government will prolly buy it for 15k/acre with our tax dollars in 10 years
Long term boys in 50 years people will be fighting over prime land. Today's numbers mean nothing.
I'm a die hard believer in hard commodities myself, but they've got to be able to survive the dips to get there.
I'm a die hard believer in hard commodities myself, but they've got to be able to survive the dips to get there.
Well in most cases it isn't your run of the mill farmer buying, he's selling is anything.
Corporations are taking over now. Investors from New York bought up like 8000 acres of forested land in southern wood county. Pretty much sand, but it doesn't matter, the solution is high capacity irrigation wells. We don't have rich soil like you guys, but we have ground water. This land is much much cheaper than your land, but it doesn't matter, you can make a lot of $$$ by keeping plants alive with water.
Obviously these fields are very fertile. Do you have any idea what the om is? These investors aren't stupid. Everyone keeps thinking about the now when it comes to these outrageous land prices. It's obvious the buyer of land like this cares less corn is $3.50. There is a reason to that. Times are changing, corporate farming is inevitable. That's scary to me.
If any landowner is smart, they would be investing in their soil. There's a reason corporateAmerica is.
$12K an acre - I'll sell today! 150 acres, house, 2 barns, grain bin/dryer - the whole deal!

Obviously somebody wanted it real bad - that's all it takes is 2 people/groups with deep pockets.

I need to start some sort of rumor about coal or oil or natural gas or something on my place 'cause OK farm ground and some habitat work isn't going to get me those types of prices!

Don't get me wrong I really like my place -but for the right price I will gladly start over somewhere else.
You can buy a lot of land in the pothole region of SD for $3k/acre or less. Maybe even get your own fishing pond.
Here's a ? For you guys. Who's going to really end up paying for that land? Just like everyone who complains of these professional athletes making the money they do, but at the other corner of their mouths they love the nfl.
It won't be as simple as turning off the tv when the inevitable food prices hit.
I dont even want to imagine what food is going to cost years from now.
This kind of stuff is why my whole mindset has become "a-political ". Doesn't matter if you're a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, Zebra-stripe party, Long Hair Party, - it doesn't mean sh!t unless you're big, HUGE money. That's why EVERYTHING is becoming " corporatized ". Only a small % of people will control everything - as if they don't control enough now. The only thing we matter for is our vote. After that, our " average guy " wants, needs, necessities are flushed down the toilet like yesterday's breakfast. I don't think there's a whole lot of difference between say, an average Republican farmer or small business owner, and a Democrat working in a factory or construction. We all believe in hard work, EARNING our way, raising our families in a decent standard of living, not being tossed out of our insurance because we got sick, etc. But that's not how TRULY BIG CORPORATE BUSINESS thinks. It's all about power & C O N T R O L.

Think about this: what is ESSENTIAL to life? Food, clean Water, Shelter. If things really go to hell, cell phones, I-pads, trendy clothes won't matter. But the essentials will. And the smart people in the ivory towers know it. Do you think any of them will be out in a field on a tractor growing crops??? They wouldn't know where to start. But if they OWN THE LAND...... more money, power & C-O-N-T-R-O-L.

Political parties are paper tigers, names. There are only HAVES & HAVE NOTS and the real power lies with the HAVES. Thus the interest in acquiring huge tracts of farmland. Food & water - the ultimate tools of control. The big players are NOT stupid.
Insiders and outsiders. The game of division is a distraction. While we argue about silly things like guns and abortion, the safe is quietly being emptied.