The Salt For Stumps Bribe


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Last year I had the wild idea of salting the stumps I wanted to eventually pull out (yeah, they are still there). I bought one 50# bag of brown salt for $6. I dumped it all over about 12 stumps. I poured it on top and let the rain wash it down the sides. Here's what it looks like one year later.

I wonder if I could coax the bears into pulling these out with some molasses? If the deer dig it down far enough, maybe I could put bear bait under the roots. Wouldn't that be the ticket?!

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I usually place my salt blocks on a stump. The critters eat the stump over about a 4 year soft wood.
Oh yes. I've seen soft stumps disappear in no time. I completely forgot I did this. I kept noticing the deer were going to the same spot off to the side of my camera. When I went and looked, all the stumps were getting dug up like this. I may keep doing it for the time being given that it only costs a few dollars and no work other than hauling a 50lb sack a long ways on my shoulder.
Back before the days of CWD and bait bans, we used a cordless drill to bore holes in the top of the stump to get the salt down into the wood. Not sure if it made a difference, but we figured it couldn't hurt?
We used to do like Wiscwhip stated and drill as large a hole (multiple times) in the top of the stump as possble this holds the material if you go that route or the rain water and seemed to help cause the stump to rot. The more and deeper the better. I have seen folks "hollow" out the top with a chainsaw - not the safest thing to do (nose plunge a chainsaw) as well. We don't have bears so no help on that front. Baiting nmy area is still leagal - just no allowed to "use it the course of taking wild game". That's is why I don't put out anything like salt or minerals - such clarity of the law!!!!
Anyone ever try this on a pine stump? Lol I love my deer to much to trick them into eating pine sap ;)
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Never heard of this. I love learning new stuff around here. :D

Thanks for sharing!
We have bears in spades around our camp. We used to pour bacon grease, f.f. oil, and sausage grease on stumps to try to get pix of the bears. All they did was LICK them. We could video bears for 1/2 hour laying there licking the stumps. The stumps didn't get chewed or dug up - but they were sure smooth & SHINY !!!
Anyone ever try this on a pine stump? Lol I love my deer to my to trick them into eating pine sap ;)

Snapped this pic yesterday for you Jordan. I always put a mineral block on a stump. The critters all seem to eat a portion of the stump. Note the water tub is filled by the June rains. It seems to hold water all summer.....just by rainfalls. This is a pine stump. I've removed over 2000 from my land. stump jpg.JPG