Thank you for the invite


5 year old buck +
To all the great people on this forum whom I have met thru QDMA, thank you for the invite to this forum. There is only so much time in the day and I'm afraid I can not be active in yet another forum. Heck I have tried but can't even keep up with all the different threads on this forum let alone participate. For those of you that will not be on the QDMA forums at all I thank you for the interactions we have had and wish you each the best. I have sincerely learned from each of you and have enjoyed great habitat discussions with many of you. Your cause is completely understood and in time I expect we will all get to see what ten deer per square mile is like again if our individual states meet their deer reduction goals. Times are definitely changing and new models for deer management are needed. Our habitats here show less diversity than ever and our state officials are giving out doe tags with wild abandon and the future of whitetails is unknown and precarious at best.

Best of luck to all of you and please always feel free to contact me for anything regarding deer.

Dave a.k.a. Chainsaw
I have always enjoyed reading you posts Dave. Hopefully as time goes on we will see you back here again.
Very nice post, Chainsaw and very much appreciated.