Take a look at this rack


5 year old buck +
Man does this guy have issues with his head.
This is a buck in the metro area. Guessing at some point in his life he took a car to the head and it made of mess of his skull.

sure hope they get a face on shot of this guy, cuz I am not sure what I am looking at.

That's crazy. I always seem to get goofy deer on cam every year too, last year I had a buck with only 1 ear and this year I have one missing a front leg
Yea he is an odd one. I think the right ear is causing a little distortion in the picture. We have seen an increase in 3rd beam bucks in the last few years here though. I am sure it is just another side affect of global warming!:D
I love double main beams
He's old too, Dandy buck