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I'm getting overrun with Canada thistles on my tree plantings and I have been mowing about 10 acres but there's a lot of acreage left I can't mow, anybody have suggestions for spraying that won't damage my trees(many diff. varieties). Thanks
Transline or generic Clopyralid 3. I have the same problem to deal with. Sadly the furrows/ground disturbance planting trees the last few years, is where all the thistles are coming in. So I have to run an ATV down every row of trees and spray the thistle.

I have the same problem. I'm starting to think I'm a thistle farmer instead of a habitat improver...I'm just so scared to spray anything around my trees. (Many different varieties but most concerned about my 25-30 ft white pines. Thanks for the info BLB, I'll have to look into that more.
All my trees are very young 1-3 yrs and I noticed that the description said for broadleaf control and woody brush. That second part scares me cause I have a lot of shrub plantings. I appreciate the info BLB but I need to be 100% confident it won't hurt my trees cause there's 10,000 of them.
Also notice on the website:
Clopyralid 3 Herbicide is for use in non-crop areas, forestry sites, industrial manufacturing sites, storage sites, rights-of-way, wildlife openings, grazed areas on listed sites, tree plantaitions, rangelands, and grass pastures.

Our area forester is the one that recommended it for our problem.

If you want more confidence on it, contact your local forester and get their input. I would be curious to hear if there is a differnet opinion on it.
We have trees planted 2 months ago, to ones we planted 5 years ago. So I completely agree on the hesitation. I have been assured it is THE product to use on our plantings.
I did find this information on the label which might be of interest...:
ALLIGARE CLOPYRALID 3 herbicide may be applied for control of certain problem weeds
growing in forest sites, including tree plantings. ALLIGARE CLOPYRALID 3 should be applied
either at site preparation or after trees are planted (tree release). ALLIGARE CLOPYRALID 3
applications over-the-top of tolerant tree species may be made anytime during the season,
however some needle/leaf curling may occur if applied during active tree growth. This effect
is transient and trees should recover by the end of the same growing season or early in the
following growing season.

Examples of tolerant tree species:
loblolly pine grand fir white ash
bur oak lodgepole pine noble fir
hybrid aspen cherry bark oak longleaf pine
Pacific silver fir choke cherry red oak
ponderosa pine incense cedar cherry
sawtooth oak red pine Eastern red cedar
cottonwood white oak Scotch pine
Western red cedar crab apple Russian olive
slash pine Western hemlock hackberry
hybrid poplar shortleaf pine Norway spruce
hickory sumac Virginia pine
white spruce European larch sycamore
white pine Douglas fir green ash
sugar maple black walnut

Sorry, that didn't cut/paste in quite the format I was looking for.
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Thanks I just ordered a gallon. What ratio are you mixing as far as gallons of water.
I had a few Canadian bull thistles around my apple trees. I just took a few ounces of full strength roundup and poured it on them. It seems to have given a good burn down.
I had a few Canadian bull thistles around my apple trees. I just took a few ounces of full strength roundup and poured it on them. It seems to have given a good burn down.
I have a few thousand thistles! I've been spot spraying with roundup but it kills everything in a 4 ft circle including my tress. Hopefully I can get these under control the next few years.
Transline (as mentioned above) or Stinger work for thistles and trees. I just sprayed Stinger last week on the trees we planted this spring. Just be careful. Those darn corn stalks can start on fire in a moments notice when planting in old corn stubble. Had to put out a fire on the underbelly of the rhino with dirt since I didn't have any water.
How much is milestone? what application rates?

I have thistles we need to treat in areas that I don't have to worry about trees as well.
I saw it at Mimbach for I believe 128 for a quart.
The Clopyralid 3 was the cheapest by far compared to Stinger, Transline, Milestone etc.. 75 bucks a quart 185 bucks a gallon. Free shipping from the site above.
Milestone (aminopyralid) is awesome on thistles. Check out this publication for which trees are sensitive to it (page 15): http://msdssearch.dow.com/Published...=ivm/pdfs/noreg/010-50904.pdf&fromPage=GetDoc

For Clopyralid... reference the label for Transline. It lists tolerant trees: http://www.cdms.net/LDat/ld0BB004.pdf

Milestone and Transline are very similar in what plant families they control... so to be safe, I would assume that if a particular tree species is sensitive to Milestone, Clopyralid would damage it as well (unless specifically mentioned as tolerant on the label). In that case, don't apply it over the top or underneath the dripline as it is soil active and will be absorbed by roots.

Seeing the results of Milestone may get me to open up my wallet for some more when this bottle is gone. :D I'm still going to wait to see if it really kills them or just knocks them down for awhile and then they "recover". I've seen that with gly and triclopyr before

That might happen here.

IMG_8706 thistle fs roundup.jpg

This thistle got a small dose of full strength roundup about 3 weeks ago.
And this one was about 7-10 days ago with full strength roundup.
IMG_8707 thistle fs roundup about 7-10 days.jpg
I was going to spray today to try the generic stinger but the wind was blowing way too hard. :mad: These thistles drive me bonkers. At least when I checked my cams today I had a pretty good buck visiting my waterhole daily right at noon:)
We spot sprayed about two acres of CRP today. We whipped up a batch of Milestone with some 2-4D and crop oil in it. I had to cringe a little when we did it. There are nice patches of clover in it that i know are gonna get set back. I also started seeing black eyed susan coming in finally that I broadcasted about 4 years ago. I know some of them got zapped too. Hopefully if we can knock down the thick patches of thistles some of the additional black eyed susan will sprout up.
milestone has the active ingredient in tordon so I would be very careful around trees. I used it in my crp on can. thistles and it knocked them out. Two years gone by and no sign of them.
I use Stinger around my trees and have never had a problem. It was recommended by our NRCS rep. If I have an area lets say by a slew where I won't kill my forbes, I'll use 24D as it is allot cheaper then Stinger.