Short video plowing plot with little old tractor


5 year old buck +
Here is a short video of my son plowing on a 1949 Farmall Cub. Its the perfect little food plot tractor. We put in oats and some PTTs in ~1.25 acres.

That's cool, but where are all the rocks :)
That's a neat little tractor you've got there.
Always liked the looks of those little tractors. Pretty cool video.
Awesome. You must be happy your son is out there instead of playing video games.
That's cool, but where are all the rocks :)

Rocks? Why in the world would someone put rocks in their soil?
You don't plant in your deep silt-loam prime farmland soil, like I do? If not, you should definitely try it!!

The only rocks I ever see in my soils are old indian arrowheads.
lol. We can give you some rocks if you're feeling left out.
Really cool video TMIL. I wish I would have gotten some video of our Bolens HT when we used it to pull the 10"single bottom plow at our old place, it looked a lot like what you have going on in your video, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.
I have always liked those cubs, great little tractor that has a lot going for, last produced in the early sixties but I’m guessing most of them are still running today.