Sharks off the beach


It's always fun when a family is out for an evening stroll on the beach during their vacation and we haul in 4 plus foot toothy fish right where they were swimming just hours earlier.


Barbie is the best bait for these guys. :rolleyes:
How do you fish them? Live bait? Looks like Barbie Dolls work well too :)
Mo, they don't bite as bad the Barracuda!

Find a sand bar during low tide and come back to fish it on a night time high tide. Even better if you can find a tidal pool during low tide. " the kind the kids play in during the day". When they flood the sand bar sharks come in looking for a meal. Chunk of Mackerel on a circle hook.

I have two idiot friends that take kayaks just past the breakers in the daytime and chum for them. They swear it's a blast being pulled for a few blocks by a five footer. Not me, I'm staying on land :)
No wonder Barbie is good bait she was out topless :eek:
No wonder Barbie is good bait she was out topless :eek:

That's how she floated up the beach. If the poor kid that lost her saw the shark pic she'd cry for sure...

Mo, 14 hours of corona and topless women and I'd be getting slapped for sure.
You eat those things? The sharks that is......
You eat those things? The sharks that is......

Not anymore their protected now. But when you could yes there pretty tasty. Have to gut them ASAP then steak'em and grill'em

For sure not in the same class as Tuna fishing but its cheap and the kids love it.