Rubbing post living



This basswood rubbing post is living. I put it in the ground the beginning of September, so it still had leaves. Didn't know basswood propagated by cuttings, especially nondormant ones. This thing got pounded by bucks too. I'm sure the heavy loam helped keep it alive.
That's crazy. I think you're right that the heavy soil helped out.

Maybe I'll have to try a basswood rub tree next year to see if I can get the same results.
Nice rubbing post!! Is that a mineral lick ,scrape or water hole in the pic?
I had cedar do that when I stood some fat logs on end for seats. It was impressive while it lasted, but it did eventually die. Please let us know what happens!
I'm not expecting it to live, but it's mid June and still alive. I would prefer to get ride of it anyway and put a fresh post in this fall.
You could say this is a watering hole. The little area was just dug with a shovel and holds water almost all year. I've planted rye and oats around it, but standing water has been here all spring. That's why everything is dead. It's basically a big bowl that's why all the water settles here.
100 years of tilling the bowl has all the organic matter and loam down at the bottom. The good news is we are not making the soil mistakes anymore.