Round-up Ready Corn


5 year old buck +
Anybody know where to get this stuff from?
Check with some MDHA chapters. It is probably too late for this year, but many had corn they were selling for varying prices. But you have to be a member.

Oops... I guess I don't know where you are from though....

I stopped at a Pioneer seed dealer in Monticello today and he has RR corn from $275 to $375 a bag if that works..... ;)
One MDHA Chapter will give you the corn if you sign a contract to leave it stand until spring. they even will pay a bit for the planting expense. They like to keep the corn in the immediate area of the chapter.

Once the" inspector "has seen it, you get the check.

I donated my money back for youth memberships.
I have 4 bags of rr corn fron NWTF, anyone interested?
How much and where are you?
I am for sure. I would like some to have for next year in case I cant find any. I like to store a years worth when possible just in case.....
My dads friend up north asked if I had any extra last week.

Are they 50 lb bags? I would take it all.

My email is
I have 4 bags of rr corn fron NWTF, anyone interested?
I'm sure a lot of guys would be interested in this. Spread the wealth around in smaller amounts. Not sure where u are but I bet guys would meet you wherever u want.