Rootstock for heavy ground


5 year old buck +
If I were to order apple trees or rootstock for a spring 2015 planting, what should I order?

I would prefer zone 3 hardy and the location will be what I call heavy soil that is currently spongy wet when you walk on it.

I have a dolgo on the edge of this area-I think it is on own root and it is doing well. A firecracker crab from Jung's on whatever rootstock seems to be doing OK. A newly planted Trailman on Ant. is off to a very slow start.

I would prefer these not be dwarf trees.

This location is between zone 3 and 4. Some of my zone 4 trees had die back of branch tips this winter.
Is that water logged soil always that way?
It is water logged only after heavy rains.
No expert, but I would try 111.
No expert, but I would try 111.
I would say that is a reasonable choice as well for the most commonly offered rootstocks.