Reds or Whites fall first?


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Without trying to tie to many variables into the question, is there a general rule of thumb, as to whether red oak or white oak acorns drop first? Seems like in a small group of guys I've talked to it's split about 50/50. OR, do the variables dictate most of the fall?
It may depend on the actual varieties. On my place I have chinkapin, northern red oak, burr oak and white oak. The chinkapins will fall first every time. I think alot will have to do with site and weather conditions as well. Sounds like another thing to learn about the deer woods we hunt. Knowing what falls and when could keep you in the game as these food sources change especially if you don't have alot of oaks in the area.
Yeh, I guess I wanted it to be something simple, really knowing it wasn't. We don't have a lot of oaks. Small scattered pockets in the square miles of forest. Not real up on my oak ID. Mostly red with some white varieties. We have, right now, on a bigger pocket of reds for our area, just a few dropping acorns. The deer and bear are both around waiting for them to fall.
If I was to reply to this from my experience alone, with NO variables, I would say whites drop first. Given all the variables, it's anyone's guess.
Reds around our house starting dropping about 2 weeks ago.
I have been keeping track of about two dozen specific trees for the past 10 years. About evenly split between reds and whites. I can find no common situations that governs when a specific tree begins dropping. It even goes so far as over what period of time do they drop. Some trees drop their acorns quickly one year and drag it out the next. I rarely have a late frost issue here in South Carolina but the only real issue I have noticed is if we get a long rainy spell during the pollen season. That has happened twice according to my notes and both times the acorns were very light and dropped very late with all trees.
I have mostly Red Oaks in my yard, and 2 Burr oaks. They started dropping their acorns virtually the same day.
It always seems the deer prefer the whites first.