Random Update pics


5 year old buck +
A row of EW and Sorghum, outlining a 3 year planting of CIR. WP_20140626_014.jpg WP_20140708_010.jpg WP_20140730_005.jpg
Looking good! Looks like they both filled in nicely from the first pic.
Standing in the same location as above, but camera facing the pole barn. See how the tree tubes get harder to see in the last month.WP_20140626_013.jpg WP_20140708_006.jpg WP_20140730_006.jpg
Sorghum Sudan Grass looks like it was planted at the correct seeds per acre. Turned out great! Curious why you needed it right next to the Switch grass that is the same height?

This was my first experience with switchgrass and I didn't realize it would fill in so nicely this year. But in addition to that, I'm screening from a road and a neighbor and the E/W and sorghum will be much taller. Next spring I won't need to by the road :) Very exciting to have long term plans come through :)
Spiider - what is in the tree tube and how do you intend on managing the switch in the future? Reason I ask was as I am expanding NWSG but plan to burn and as such I feel I can't have trees or shubs in the NWSG other wise my burnig efforts will kill them. I always thought some larger shrubs would really help encourage bedding - but I don't want to kill them every time I burn.
That field of switch is only about 1.5 acres so I will just make a firebreak and work around the 5 white oaks that are tubed. From where I stood taking those pictures is almost where the break is, so those trees are only 10 yards from that line. Using the back burning method will keep the flame low and easy to manage. That's my plan anyway :) Those Oaks are the really the long term goal to screen my back plots from the road, create diversity, add more food and create another edge. I've got several "layers" of things that will take various amounts of years to mature that aren't shown in these pics. The EW/Sorghum, and switch are part of the shorter term goals.
I see. Mine is for bedding and cover and thus why I think some large shrubs will work well. I may just have to mow or something to keep things more under control. All I do know for now is that when switch burns - it burns hot! I may look for something that responds well to being cut back to the stump every few years as well. I know of a few trees that stump sprout well, but not any shrubs - time to investigate the inter-webs!