Questions on planting rootstocks


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I've read on these threads of guys suggesting to someone that they buy some rootstocks and plant them. If I buy say, a dozen B-118 rootstocks & plant them - will they all be different trees / fruits possibly? If so, is it because they were started from seed? ( I know all apple seed is different )

If I got a dozen Dolgo rootstocks, would I get 12 Dolgo trees? Or something similar to a Dolgo? I know what a grafted tree is and how scion is grafted onto a specific rootstock. What I'm not clear on is the origin of a rootstock. Is it a cloned thing? Tissue culture? Genetically engineered? Root cuttings from " breeder " trees?
If a seedling, each is different. Dolgos and Antonovka rootstock are generally seedlings and will make different but similar trees. Cloned rootsocks have names like Bud.118, MM.111, G.30, P.18. All B.118 are identical genetically. Here is a good overview of how clonal rootstocks are developed and propagated. Stoolbeds are the preferred method of clonal propagation. Layering is a bit more complicated for those that do not do stoolbeds well.
The b118s should be uniform in size and fruit because they are clonal, not seed raised. The Dolgos will likely be different in size, shape, and fruit if they are seed raised (which most Dolgos are I believe).

Have you been able to find any information on fruit size, drop time etc.? I planted a few B118 from last years grafting class so was wondering what I can expect.
They look great for deer. I'm suprised on how big they are. Is there any information on drop time?

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys for the info. I figured if I asked on here I'd get a nuts & bolts answer quicker than a university or gov. site. Too much technical sh*t to read thru to get to the simple answer on those. I figured the B-118's and MM-111's, etc. had to be cloned to achieve uniformity of stock. Wasn't sure about the Dolgo or Columbia rootstock origins.

Stu - thanks for the pic of the fruit of B-118. I never saw the fruit before. Looks like it would be a good deer apple for hardiness and size.

Thanks to all for the info.
I've been doing some research on the clonal rootstocks. They are well known for disease resistance but height and fruit and drop times are less well known. Looking at the patents on the Geneva series, they tend to be 1.5 to 2 meters tall by year 5 or 7. Fruit size and astringency is mentioned for most but not ripening. I found a website from Canada that has photos of trees, blooms, and fruit for a number of rootstocks. a meter is 39" so 2m is 6.5 ft. Appear to be planted in New Brunswick. Drop time not given.
I have some B118's in the ground as is, also.

I also read that ranetka can give apples of various size up to 3.6 cm and they hold apples well into winter.
Ranetka must be from seed and there is some confusion over the definition of ranetka.
This video explains it pretty good.

Good video. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll grab a few B-118 & MM-111 roots and stick 'em in the ground just to see what I get. I'll be planting nursery trees this spring anyway - what's a few more holes? Thanks for all the good info, guys. Keep it coming if you have more. We all learn things here - that's what's great about this site. I'm only 3yrs. into the grafted apple planting as of this spring. Long way to go.