Question for the apple guys - Bitter pit?


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I bought some Northern spy apples for eating/sauce. Just under the skin and to a depth of about 1/4 to 3/8" are brown spots that look like freckles. I didn't notice any surface blemishes other than small darker green spots barely noticeable. After chomping into an apple, the third bite tasted different. That's when I looked and saw the brown spots - didn't run into them the first 2 bites. I couldn't find any good pix on the internet to identify the spots I was seeing. The pix I saw of apple maggot damage looked to be more all thru the apple. Anyone know what this is? Edible? Cut out damage? Thanks.
Stu - Yes and no. I don't see skin blemishes on the outside. When I cut the apple open the flesh looked like brown dots the size of the letter " o " on these posts. No external dimples on the skin. Does time in relation to deterioration play into it? Maybe my apple didn't " go downhill " that far yet? Bee stings? Would've taken many stings I think.
Northern Spy is one cultivar that will get bitter pit Bows. They (spots)start off greenish and then turn dark brown. It is normally soft, spongy and somewhat dry were you see the pits. If they don't taste great use as quickly as possible for sauce and cut out the pits, normally at the bottom of the apple. I grow a bunch of Honeycrisp and they are very prone to it. I have to spray calcium nitrate. Younger trees, trees with fewer apples, and if conditions in soil are not very constant are the culprits. I had a little this year mostly on trees w/ their first apples.
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Thanks Stu & Maya - I think you guys nailed it. Not all of the Northern Spy have it. I'll make some sauce to freeze and cut out any that I find.