Question for the apple guys- bug spray


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If you were gonna pick a BUG spray for hunting camp apple trees would it be Bonide bug/ fungal spray, Sevin, or Malathion? I looked at all three at Home Depot. The Malathion listed Cherry, Apricot, Grapes, plums - No apple trees on the label. All were concentrates in the $14 to $18 range. Are they systemic - won't wash off in rain? I've read different things on these forums, but without digging back thru many threads, I thought it quicker to ask. Most are Liberty, Enterprise, Goldrush, Prairie Spy, Wolf River, Bonkers N.Y. 35. Thanks in advance.
Are you just spraying to be preventive or are you having specific issues?

Bonide is both fungicide and insecticide. Sevin and Malthion are insecticide only to my knowledge I've used both Malathion and Sevin on my apple trees, both are fine. The thing about Sevin though is it will thin your fruit out big time. It works great on things like jap beetles, but if your trees are of bearing age you better know what you are doing if you are using Sevin. If you're trees aren't of bearing age i think you'd be fine.

When i first started with apple trees and was a total noob (still am a noob but i'm figuring it out a bit) I just bought a huge jug of bonide concentrate. So i've been trying to use it up before i switch over to the real stuff like imidan and captan. So since I use bonide I usually add a little Malathion to my spray since bonide is known to be a little weak compared to the real stuff (imidan & captan)

At my home orchard last night I just sprayed straight up bonide, no malathion added.
I'm being preventative. Trees are newly planted - and some planted last spring as well. We've had Jap beetles before, probably gonna have some tent caterpillars, too. I was hoping to get a systemic spray that would stay IN the plant for a few weeks or so. I haven't seen any specific attacks YET. The trees are not bearing age yet. Which do you think would be the best choice for a hunting camp situation - trees not attended to every day - maybe every 2 or 3 weeks? Thanks for responding.
I would use Sevin because it will take out the jap Beetles and the tent cats I believe. You can buy it in a quart bottle to mix with water I think one quart makes 8 gallons or so
Thanks Ed & Aero. When I was up at camp the weekend of June 8th, there were some gypsy moth caterpillars and a bigger green caterpillar on some of the newly planted apple trees. I pulled them off & mashed them before spraying with Sevin. I got a quart bottle of concentrate & mixed with water. The leaves were just beginning to be eaten, so not much damage. I'll be at camp next weekend 6/22/14 to spray again. Hopefully it'll be enough to keep the bugs at bay between sprays.