Question for plug-planting guys


5 year old buck +
I know I've read some of you guys use a plug planting tool of some sort. What do they look like or can someone post a pic of one - or a link to a place that sells them ? From reading what some of the posters on here say, it sounds like plugs would be a lot easier to plant - especially in an old field or along an edge. Bare root is TIME consuming. We have more spruce to plant.

I just use a steel rod that I have the correct depth marked on just as easy. I'm sure just about everybody has something laying around that can be fashioned into a tool.

Plugs are definitely the way to go......
Thanks, guys. Got some 1 1/2" and 2" rigid conduit handy, angle & tube steel. Son's a welder - gonna ask him to fab a couple up. That link & pic sealed it!
I have the same one as Stu. Works good and I planted some size 77 plugs from Itasca Greenhouse with it as well by swinging it around to widen the hole out.
Here's mine.

Bill - That's a good idea too. I'd have to have a couple batteries charged & ready to go.
I was looking over BigRock's site and stumbled upon a long drill bit for planting cuttings. Funny, but I'd probably never have thought of it. I plan to get a couple long drill bits for doing just that come spring.

It's the only way to plant a 24 inch willow whip.