Question about hybrid poplars & willows


I am sure it will come up in my property evaluation with Steve so Iam going to go ahead an ask. I have zero exp with hybrids - I prefer to stay native. If I was to plant hybrids to boost cover what if any issues could I expect to see? My fear is that they could become invasive or spread to areas I don't want. I don't want to risk long term issues for a short term gain. My goals for their use would be to establish cover and screening either along edges or in open areas. It sounds like many of you have some exp with these and I value your opinions and exp.
they ONLY will spread if you keep shoving them in the ground!!! :) They work great.. cover, firewood, screen, neighbors that ooh and ahhh over big trees, etc. willows I can't speak for, but the poplars. MONEY.
UP - you mention firewood - this is going to sound funny, but what is it like? Is it more of a true hardwood or more of a softer hardwood? These poplars look to me like a cottonwood and cottonwood is crap (wood holds too much moisture). Only "poplar" I have exp with is yellow/tulip poplar -and thats a different story.

How well do they compete? I may not be able to do much weed control in some areas (especially with weed barriers -as the area floods).

I figure for cover I may mix and match the poplars with the willows to eventually get the width and the height - I figure Icould hinge the taller ones as well later.
I've never had any issues with hybrid poplars or hybrid willows spreading beyond where I planted them. I used them as the short term solution to my long term screening plans. Spruce, pines and shrubs are my long term screening solution, but I planted some hybrid poplars, hybrid willows and some cottonwoods for a short term screen. They all did well in the lower spots that held moisture, but they didn't survive well where the soil was dry. Some of my trees are approximately 7 years old and pushing 20'+ tall.
I've planted many of both, and the willows do a better job for screening imo. They both do good, I give the willows a slight edge though. They don't sucker and spread.
One thing I've noticed about the hybrid willows planted 3 years ago is that they hold their leaves a lot longer than the popular, making for a better screen.
Anything is possible, but I've never seen any of the hybrids reproduce in any way.

None of the hybrids we sell sucker (although I'm going to add one that does in the future, some people want them to sucker).

I think if you disturbed the roots enough, they would probably do some kind of suckering.

firewood.. It's like poplar. Its it NOT a softwood. It is just like aspen. Burns great!!!! I think some people plant this stuff in strips and by year 10 it's almost two sticks high????. I know the ones in the front of my place at year 4?? it's almost one stick and you could easily burn this. I could almost guarantee that in 6 years they will be two sticks.

Most people with the new outside furnaces are burning stuff that you would have never imagined in years past. My neighbor got a load of GREEN tamarack last year and he said the ashes were low and it burned hot.
cool. I figure as part of my long term habitat plan will be to increase cover and screening and as such I figured I better get some idea of what these are all about. I had checked out Big Rock Trees and they seem to have alot to choose from (more than just polar and willow). I have some willow on my place already so I may try to make some cuttings of those as well. I figure the willow would work well along edges, and then use the poplar for more height. I was concerned about the wood quality of the poplar as they would need to be harvested at some point in time - especially if they grow fast. I figure I will talk to Big Rock once I have a plan as to what will work best.
When you cut the poplar - does it stump sprout?
when you cut the hybrid poplar the stump will sprout. Matter of fact you can keep cutting the stump after 4 plus years every year and keep using it for cuttings. It's really a wonderful tree. I just got my hybrid willows from John today!!!