Put down some AWP's hope it works


5 year old buck +
In last years brassica plot I am trying something different this year. It's small about .10 acre, I ran over it with the drag to loosen the ground, broadcast some fert. & AWP. I ran over it again with the drag and then the cultipacker. This is the only spot dry enough to do anything in so far.

If by "works" you mean feeds the deer for 3 days after they find your "candy", I'm betting it works perfectly. You really need an e-fence on that small area if you want to see any growth from those peas at all. Great looking "honey hole" btw!
I have very low numbers as far as deer. On my 40 I can safely say that I can count them on one hand. I hope they grow enough to noticed and maybe draw the a few new deer in.