Puppies are back


5 year old buck +
The date is wrong, obviously, but it is the first wolf picture since 1/28/12. Things are not looking good.


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I'd get them while they are young and dumb.
At our MDHA banquet, one friend told me they have seen 3 wolves while bow hunting.

I see the second wolf was killed in our state by a grouse hunter trying to protect his dog.

Has the state figured our growing wolf population into their model for estimating populations?
When I talked to my friend who works for the Dnr she said the general opinion was they supported the wolf season. My assumption was due to the revenue but she didn't say why. I don't think the wolf population is factored into deer numbers at all in their models but the issues go hand and hand.
I was about 60 miles south of I Falls and looking for some grouse. One local told me he saw a doe and fawn cross the road in August and a buck sometime before that.. They are very concerned about wolves as are some other guys with deer camps up there.