Products you openly support


Saw a similr post on "the darkside" and thought it would be a good way to share the products that work for us. My list below may vary from the one I put on the other site - not on purpose just piss poor memory! What works for you?

#1 - John Deere Tractor
#2 - Stihl Chainsaw
#3 - Mossberg Firearms
#4 - Hoyt Bows
#5 - CVA muzzleloaders
#6 - Lacrosse boots
#7 - Gore-tex
#8 - RuraKing (farm supply store)
#9 - QDM (no QDMA - just Quality Deer Management -I still beleive in the practice)
In no particular order:

#1 - Heater Body Suit
#2 - Vortex Optics
#3 - Reconyx Trail Cams
Fluid Film
Round-up Ready Sugar Beets
Round-up Ready Beans
Woods Stump Grinder
Stihl Saws
48" FEL Grapple
John Deere CUT's
King Kutter Tillers
Savage Slug Guns
Fleet Farm...... if they don't have it, I probably don't support it. :)
Heinz ketchup
Foggy - You listed some things I am not familiar with:

Fluid film? What is this? I did an interweb search and it's some sort of rust prevention material?

I also assume a John Deere CUT is a Compact Utility Tractor?
Tractor Supply Company
Milborn Seeds
Tubex Tubes
Plantra (stakes/ties/mats/staples)
Itasca Greenhouse
Musser Forests
Cold Stream Farm
Moultrie Cams (M-880)
Cam Lock Box
Sorel Pac Boots
Cabelas Wooltimate
Federal Ammo
Winchester Ammo
Henry (for silver) (for gold and platinum)
Apple (phone only, not an ecosystem guy at this point)
The Chive
DSD - I got to ask......why Heinz Ketchup?????
Elite Bows
Browning Firearms
Stihl Chainsaws.
Anything Honda
Foggy - You listed some things I am not familiar with:

Fluid film? What is this? I did an interweb search and it's some sort of rust prevention material?

I also assume a John Deere CUT is a Compact Utility Tractor?

Fluid Film is a very unique product. Fantastic for coating your fertilizer spreader to prevent rust. Hard to find it......but John Deere dealers have it on their shelves. GREAT on battery terminals!.....and other tough applications.

Fluid Film is everything you WISH other products (like WD40) would be. This stuff "effervesces" when you apply it......and it remains there until you remove it. Kinda expensive (about $10 per can).....but it really performs. Worth a special trip to own a can of this stuff. I coat hydraulic cylinders and leave 'em outside for the winter. Stuff like that......and it WORKS.

Cant say enough good about this product.
smsmith - do you hunt at all????

Foggy - I'll have to give the fluid film a shot. Mission accompished - I learned about a product that maybe of use to me.

Looks like I got a good list of places to catch a brew if I am ever in MN as well!!!!!
Rusty old spring drag
Stihl saw
Arctic Shield boot covers
Muck boots
Pulaski Warehouse
Moultrie cameras
Atv hand warmers and windshield
Hunters Safety System Hand Muff Pack
Copy/paste from that thread, as it explains why I don't do the signature and why I'll be gone for a while. To add 3 that I don't have any kind of affiliation with leather gloves (wear the heck out of them while working in the woods and dealing with deer), Stihl (all they do is work) and Fiskers (sp?) pole and hand saws (they aren't professional, like Silky and they do break too often, but their hand saws cut very easy and their top end pole saw is what I just keep buying every year.

I know that many here appreciate listing affiliations and products in signatures and completely understand why. The only reason I don't is because I fear it'd make me look like a jerk or that I'm just posting to get these companies promotions.
Paid pro staffs for, in no particular order:
Wildlife Research Center
IQ Bowsight
GlenDel Full Rut
Antler King
Rivers Edge/Leverage Treestands
Heater Body Suit
Hunters Safety Systems
Nocturnal Lighted Nocks
and, to a lesser level, LaCrosse and Scent Lok

I suspect those companies would appreciate it, but I'd have to believe you people would get real sick of it after a while and it'd make me look like I was trying to show off &/or that I was just posting to keep getting those company names out there. So, I just pretty stay away from talking about products all together. When I do, I mention that I pro staff for that company or a competitors in the post. I'm not trying to hide it, just trying not to be any more obnoxious than I naturally am.

Anyway, you all will be free of my ramblings for a while. I'm leaving on a family vacation in the AM, stopping home for a cup of coffee after and then I leave again for long term clients work. So, I won't be around much for quite a while. Figured this thread served as a good excuse to explain why I don't list that and various websites in a signature.
Interesting thread idea. Could be real helpful to some.
Repel Permathrin. (why did they not come up with a better name for this active I can spell it ;))
Ale Asylum
Capital Brewery
Surly Brewing
Fargo Brewing
Abita Brewing
Had some Over Rated with the neighbor last night!!! You only need a 4 pak.
interesting least until folks started putting their sponsors on the list

1 - john deere
2 - stihl
3 - moultrie cameras
4 - cabelas (-tractors)
5 - polaris
6 - mathews
7 - ruger
8 - glock
9 - savage
10 - muzzy
11 - ford
I don't mind if you are sponsered by a company as long as you clearly state that fact. Steve was very clear and that is all I can ask for. The ones that upset me are those that are not clear and then push "their" product as being the best. Many of us are not sponsered and those are the ones that really matter. Those are folks that spend their money on the products they use and for someone to stand behind that - then you have something.

That is once we get some folks to put their beer down and out of the "hardware store"! Boys will be boys!!!! Guess you have to have something to do outside of deer season.
Covert Cams
Peterson's Mill in North Branch
Chevy (sorry Ford guys)
Trophy Rock
Echo Chainsaws

Ale Asylum
Capital Brewery
Surly Brewing
Fargo Brewing
Abita Brewing

Big Wood
Hammer Heart
Harriett Brewing
Steel Toe