Prairie Seed


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Its been a busy fall collecting prairie seed from my one acre patch, time to mix it all up and seed some new areas.

Seed collected:

New England Aster
Showy Golden Rod
Hoary Vervain
Purple Coneflower
Greyhead Conflower
Prairie Cinquefoil
Blazing Star
Purple Prairie Clover
Various grasses

The picture is just the seed I’m keeping for myself, a good portion of it goes to friends and family, we all could use more native habitat.

2014 Seed a.jpg


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That's pretty cool you collected it yourself, do you do this every year?


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Good stuff! We collected a ton this summer and fall and have already planted it out at the farm. Well done!


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[Qcshawnv, post: 32844, member: 294"]That's pretty cool you collected it yourself, do you do this every year?[/QUOTE]

I collected most of the seed, my two daughters (ages 7 and 5) help out as well, trying to teach them a thing or two about nature and conservation.

I keep a good record of the species we find growing each year, this year was the 4th growing season and we found 8 grasses and 45 different wildflowers.


That's awesome, I bet your field is a sight at the right time of year