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Android smartphone for me
I use my desktop when at home but use my android phone, laptop and Ipad when not at home.
I've got an iPhone, an IPad and a MacAir. I mostly use the laptop....sometimes the IPad.....and seldom the phone. Lotsa work on the phone....IMO. My fingers are too big to operate that phone.....and Siri doesn't understand habitat-talk. ;)
Desktop is a close 2nd for me with all the time at work I spend on the forums :D. Laptop was #1 until I entered the smartphone market a year ago.
90% desktop, 5% laptop, 5% phone.

If I'm on my phone I pretty much just read.... Rather than post.

Mainly laptop at home for me. Smart phone while sitting in the stand.
Android phone when I am on the move and at work. This site has been blocked by my employers web content software, I think its a conspiracy started by those guys on the other site.
Today I used a desk top, lap top, tablet and android.
85% iPad, 10% laptop, 5% iphone
Laptop and android phone for me.
Mostly laptop but also iPhone.
laptop and iphone for me
Ipad 90%, laptop 5% if im going to post pics, phone 5% sometimes its the only thing I have.
Kindle Fire HD and IPhone most of the time and laptop to post pictures...
60% desktop, 35% ipad, 5% iphone
About 95% laptop but will admit that this new forum layout is really nice to view on my iPhone.
if i'm just reading...then i use my phone. if i'm going to post then i use the laptop.
Desktop or laptop
I post mostly from a laptop but I use my phone when at work.