plant ID


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I have this plant growing in my clover. This plot was a brushy area that was brushed hogged and then frost seeded the next spring.

I will probably mow it to see if I can control it that way, but am curious to what it is.

Looks a bit like mullein rosette's to me.
X 2 - mullein
Thanks guys. I just read about mullein rosette and did see some flower stalks last year. I'll have to try to keep them under control this year.
Since it is a biannual plant... the second year it gets the tall flower stalks like in the background of this picture.

One good way to control them if you don't have too many is to just pull them by hand. Try to get a large portion of the root with it and it will be less likely to come back in the future. It helps to use a spade to get under the plant to pry it out of the soil. They liked to encroach on our plots also, we found that mowing(we used a weedeater on some also) them just after the tall stalks start to appear will also set them back and they eventually will die.
yep...i have them around the margins of some of my plots. I usually do like wiscwhip said and shovel them up. I have hit them with gly in the past with marginal results. I shoveled up about a dozen or so last week.
Looks like a plant that would give a guy a rash...ugly.
leaves are fuzzy like a peach, don't give a rash, actually make decent tp in a pinch.
Ha, it looks like a charmin weed!:D
Yep common mullein....sever the root just below soil surface and she is done....if there are not many just leave for the 'tap-root' effect upon soil. the brushy borders of the Ozark pastures.....I have seen mullein rosettes the size of #2 washtubs!
Yellow Rocket?
Whatever this plant was I mowed most of them last weekend. Probably are a few more I need to cut down by hand.

Yellow Rocket?
And dandelions!;)
Yes , there is some "diversity" in this plot, but the deer don't seem to mind.